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Looks like Bangtan Boys are trying to kill their fans with their cuteness again.
With our adorable little Kim Namjoon ^.^
And amazing ChimChim
And Yoongi and Hoseok :3
And our little cinnamon roll
And the mother of the group with his son XD
And just having a good time while being adorable ^.^ (And can we just appreciate how Yoongi is trying to look all hot on picture 6 but just turns out cute as hell? XD)
Our little boys are growing up guys ^.^ I'm so proud of them!!!
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Their all very handsome! ^_^
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*sigh* Jimin 😍😍
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Listening to one of these nights by red velvet and looking at these photos is making me emotional af 😭😭
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They've just grown so much
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