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For all you love birds out there who are into public display's of affection, are you for or against holding hands in public? This could be walking down the street, sitting in the movie theatre, dining at a restaurant, sitting on the train, etc.

Would you prefer not to lock phalanges with your significant other?

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I think it should be a must in everyones book. it's super cute! @VixilCastillo
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@jordanhamilton thank you :)
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@MyAffairWith of course :)
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Holding hands is my favorite type of PDA! lol. the rest are kinda gross
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Lol 馃槀馃槀馃槀 I'm big on holding hands as well, although a peck in public or a kiss or the cheek is pretty romantic to me as well. Anything else I can do without @nicolejb
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