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every aomg fan knows between thr 2 co-CEOs jay be the mama and simon be the papa I've been feeling the feels everyone got for the mama with my pray cards for @BBxGD but since its friday and yhr marathon is over Lets have a little loving for PaPa aomg for @BBxGD @MarrickeJ33 & @twistedexo I give you Simon....Simon Dominic...Simon D O M I N I C OOOH~
gotta love how sweet the guy is even when he being rough he has a soft side and a good sense of good and bad
He even has a freak in him so you know if he beds you...your gonna have a good night
Seriously how does one not love papa of aomg just look at him and try to image being his woman
here a little extra something something to get you on this rollercoaster ride
@xroyalreisx Haha well I am feeling the feelz. But that's ok, I plan on returning the feeling 😉😉
i like feeding feels when i get aomg fever @MarrickeJ33
@xroyalreisx Haha yes, I'm so glad that we helped You catch the feelz. But you had to do it didn't you?!? Lmao!! I love this card. Simon D. is pretty damn hot!! haha