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The man awoke with a start, furiously blinking his weary and bruised eyes to make out his surroundings. He still sat in the cold and dark lifeless cell. It was a small concrete room with only one metal door on the wall behind him that was tightly air locked. There were no windows, no furniture, nothing that screamed a warm and welcoming visit but the man would have been suspicious if he had been given such hospitality. Instead, he was strapped to a small wooden chair, his hands and feet bound to the legs and armrests, the rope cutting into his already raw skin. He couldnt recall how long he had been in there for (maybe a few hours or maybe a few days) or how many times he had been tortured and threatened. He had tried to come up with a way out, tried to weasel his way out of his restraints but he wouldnt have gotten far even if he did. By now, he had three broken fingers, a bullet through his foot, had been choked twice to unconsciousness, and could hardly open one of his eyes or move his busted lips. If he had been courageous and unafraid before, by now he was starting to go insane. No one was coming to rescue him that he knew, but he would happily die if it meant protecting his loyalty. Rough day, huh? The mans heart jolted in his chest, thinking that maybe it was one of his captors, but when his head snapped to his left he was surprised to see you sitting there, crouching down by the wall, and staring at him intently. A girl. What the hell was a girl doing in here? The man had thought, bewildered. He wondered who you were, if you worked for them or were a prisoner just like him. Whatever the case, when his eyes settled on you (in a very degrading manner), he smirked. Can you tell? he asked humorously. You look like shit. You should see the other guy. His attempt at joking with you didnt receive any reaction from you. You continued to stare at him and the man took his time to realize that you werent bound to any restraints. Listen, babe, The man said, I dont know what a pretty thing like you is doing here but how about you make yourself useful and help break me out of here? Ill make it worth your while. You got to your feet, staring at him intently as you approached him. Tempting, You mused. But I doubt youd get far with that foot. Yeah, well, I doubt youd get far in this world since youre a girl, The man said, his patience running thin. Girls like you either get a bullet to their head because they cant defend themselves or end up being little whores for their masters to fuck and then get a bullet to their head or a slit to the throat. If youre ever in that predicament, choose the bullet, doll. Itll be a faster and less painful death. There I help you, you help me, now get me out of here. Hmmm, You pursed your lips, thinking, and tapping your chin with your index finger. No. He opened his mouth to protest, to either degrade you further or charm you into helping him, but then you were stomping down onto his foot, the one that had been shot, and he screamed out in agony, jerking his head away. You snatched onto his jaw, your fingers digging roughly into his skin and forcing him to look at you. Listen, babe, You mimicked him, I would suggest you cooperate unless you want to die but- You shrugged sheepishly, almost innocently, I guess your fate is in your hands now. You work for them? The man asked, his eyebrows knitting together. They have some whore working for them? Ha! Thats a joke! They must be idiots if they think Im going to tell you anything. You considered this just to humour him before letting go of his chin and throwing a hard punch to his jaw. You heard a bone crack but you werent too sure if he was only just stretching out his jaw after the fact. The man grunted, trying to contain his screams from you but you could see the pain mingled in his face, the way he bit down hard on his lip and the inside of his cheek until blood started to form. You snatched onto his jaw again and forced him to look at you once more. Just tell me where the Mins turf is and well let you go, You said. Thats all we want to know because we know for a fact that you worked for them. The man let out a sarcastic laugh. You crazy bitch. Im not telling you anything. YOU HEAR THAT, YOU BASTARDS? He craned his neck to shout at the door behind him, assuming someone was watching and could hear, ITLL TAKE MORE THAN HER! You dropped his jaw from your hands and took a step back from him, sighing in frustration. They never had to make it easy, did they? You grabbed one of his fingers that were still intact and started bending it back as you leaned over him and closer to his face. Tell me on the count of three and you can keep your finger, how about that? You asked. The man didnt reply. Instead, he stared you down and tried to ignore the pain that shot up his arm as you twisted his finger back. He heard you counting slowly, starting from one, and a small grunt escaped his mouth. Two, and he still wasnt going to reply you could break all his god damn fingers and he wouldnt tell you anything. Three, and he snarled out in pain, yelling just as he heard the distinct pop! sound and cried out in pain before muffling his voice and his weakness. No? You asked. Okay, then I guess well move on to the next finger. Youre almost down one hand, though. The man stifled his insults and his cries, his eyes flickering down nervously as you moved onto his next finger. You repeated the process again, except this time when you got to two, he yelled for you to stop. I dont know where his turf is! he cried. Bullshit. The man threw his head back and shut his eyes tightly as you pushed his finger back even more. I swear I dont know! I left the Min turf ever since that kids father died! I dont know what the kid is doing with the organization now! I dont even know where it is I havent stepped foot there in four years! You added more pressure to his finger, peering at him inquisitively. Then who are you working for? Keres! The man said quickly. Im working for Keres! You hand stopped at the mention of the name. Keres. You had heard it before in passing but had never found out what it was or who he was. Whos Keres? You asked. The man paused suddenly and then he was staring at you in disbelief. You kept your stare on him until he was bursting out into taunting laughter. You dont know who Keres is?! And youre in this business? The man asked, clearly finding this amusing. Babe, thats a mistake. You better watch yourself because Keres is one of, if not the, most powerful man out there in this world. He rapes women, makes their husbands watch and then he kills them with his own hands. He has no problem killing little girls like you or other children. Hes who Im working for. The man continued to laugh, the sound turning hysteric and making you cringe with anger. Your hand dropped from his and flew to the pistol that was tucked safely in the waistband of your jeans, going seemingly unaware by the hysteric man. His cackling laughter was a shrill noise, ringing in your ears to the point that it got you fuming. Your fingers tightened around the pistol and then- Bang! The bullet collided right in his throat but he never stopped laughing (as twisted as it was). His voice was mixed with saliva and the sound of blood that gurgled in his mouth but then his laughter was ceasing until the crimson red was spilling from his lips. In the next second, his head hung limply over his shoulders. God damn it, Y/N! You always do this. You looked up to see Jin standing by the door, his arms crossed over his chest and a frown on his face. You should have let me handle that, Jin went on. Your eyes fell upon the dead man in front of you, his eyes still open and staring up at the ceiling and you quickly tore your gaze from him to look back at Jin. You shrugged, straightening up and walking around the man, toward Jin, and out the door while weighing the gun in your hand. I didnt want to seem weak. Ah, theres my beautiful daughter! Your father announced, smiling up at you. How was your day? It had been a few hours since your encounter with the man and all you had done was escape from the mansion to walk around outside before coming back right before nightfall. Your father was sitting in the grand dining room, bodyguards and other important looking men whom you had seen before sitting and standing near him. It was fine, You said, moving toward him to kiss his cheek. Im just going to go rest up for a bit. Your father nodded but he was quick to move back to whatever he had been talking about with the other men. You slipped away from him and jogged up the stairs to your room before collapsing onto your bed. There was a knock on your door in the next second and IU poked her head inside, her long black hair dangling around her face. Y/N? she called out, cautiously walking into your room. You didnt reply but you just hadnt been paying attention to notice she had slipped inside. She walked to the bed and knelt down beside it, reaching out to gently brush the hair out of your eyes. You poked one eye open to look at her and IUs eyebrows knitted together. Come on, she sighed. Get up youre day isnt done yet. You still have that ball to go to. But, first, Ive got a nice bath already running for you. She pulled you up with her and dragged you into the bathroom that was connected to your room. IU always seemed to know what you needed right before you knew it. The lights were already on in the bathroom and the bathtub was full with warm water and bubbles. She let you undress and slip into the water before she joined you again and sat next the tub. You were reclining back, staring up at the high ceiling with an emotionless face. IU noticed the blood caked into your fingernails and grabbed your hand that was resting on the edge of the tub to gently scrub at. Why do you do this to yourself? IU asked. Force yourself to kill people? I have to, You said simply. And you know why, IU. I think the scar alone is enough proof. Your eyes flickered down to your legs, your knees were propped up and poking out of the water, and fell to the thick and ugly jagged mark along your upper right thigh. Your free hand ran across the raised surface but you no longer cringed at the past memory. It had only left you numb. No, I understand that being able to defend yourself is a good thing, IU said. But what youre doing working for your father and torturing men and killing them isnt good. You dont deserve to go through that. I cant look weak, You mumbled. And, really, that is what it all boiled down to. You couldnt look weak in this world and you couldnt look weak to your father. You had to stand up for yourself even if that meant being cold and empty and cruel and torturing people like you had done with that man earlier and like you had done countless times before. No one could ever know the truth, though; no one could know how it ate at you from the inside out, how it ruined your blissful view of the world at ten years old. The only person who knew was IU (and, even though you tried to keep a strong front to Jin, the man always tried his best to keep you out of harms way and tried to make sure that you didnt do as much of the dirty work as he did). IU was, perhaps, your closest friend even if she had only been hired to tend to the mansion with the other staff. She knew the real you and, in fact, she probably knew you better than you knew yourself. I think youre the strongest person Ive seen in this world, IU said earnestly, making you look down at her. I mean it. Do you remember that one boy your father recruited? He didnt even make it passed the guard dogs at the door. A smile tugged at your lips at the memory. The boy had gotten rather frightened by the three Rottweiler guard dogs (all of which had not-so-intimidating names such as Lucky, Teddy, and Buddy) and refused to step foot in the house when one of them started barking. It was safe to say that your father had gotten rid of the boy as quickly as he could. You stifled your laughter but when you looked at a chuckling IU you couldnt help but join in. Everyone has their demons; has something theyre afraid of, IU said. His are dogs and yours is, well, this. But he ran away from his problems and you dont and I think that makes you brave even though sometimes its okay to be a little weak, to get a little scared. In the end, were all humans. We all get a little scared. Your eyes landed on IUs face, a soft sigh escaping your lips as you considered her words. You looked away in the next second and sunk lower into the warm water, hissing in relief at the way it seemed to sooth your aching muscles. Sometimes I wish I could just run away, You mumbled. Maybe jump into one of those stupid fairy tale books I used to read as a kid and live in that fantasy world. IU would look up at you sympathetically, her gaze softening. Its never too late to run away, she said, and start a new life somewhere else, somewhere nicer.
Look at these rich assholes. Jungkooks head snapped up and in the direction of his friend (or, perhaps, the better word was co-worker), Taehyung, before following the older boys gaze to look around the room. Everyone was dressed in their finest apparel for the night with the women dressed in extravagant gowns and the men looking dapper in their expensive and tailored suits and all of them were wearing different sort of masks to conceal their faces for the entirety of the night. The mansion they were in was huge and the exact meaning of lush with marble, mirrors, gold décor and Victorian furniture everywhere. Everyone that had been attending the party (everyone ranging from big business men to associates, all of which were basking in mounds of money) were mingling with one another, laughing and chattering, dancing and eating. The masquerade ball had been hosted by some no name honcho guy (in Jungkooks world, at least, but in his own business world, he was rather well-known) in celebration for starting a new company or something stupid like that. Jungkook and Taehyung, however, were there for different reasons. Despite also being dressed in suits and masks, the two boys werent there for the party or the food but so they could act as Hoseoks cover while he snuck around on the upper floors to find the objection of their mission. Not even Jungkook knew for certain what they were looking for (he thought it had to do with some precious diamond that the man had stolen from some other mobster but that Jungkooks father wanted instead) but he had no choice but to tag along. God, theyre so pretentious, Taehyung muttered. It makes me sick. Would you two gentlemen like another drink? The two boys looked to their left to see one of the waiters at the party had drifted over to them, balancing a silver tray on his hand that carried tall crystal glasses with sparkling champagne. Jungkook shook his head no but Taehyung greedily reached out to grab what would be his fourth drink that night. Dont mind if I do, Taehyung said. He took the glass and then patted the mans back. Do you happen to know what time it is? The waiter nodded and held out his other hand, checking the time on the watch around his wrist. A quarter to eight, he said. Taehyung nodded and thanked the man but, as the man was moving his way around the two, Taehyung accidentally moved in the same direction and bumped into the man. He quickly steadied him and apologized, making Jungkook roll his eyes because if Taehyung kept acting stupid then their cover would be blown. As the waiter walked away, Taehyung took a sip of his drink and then let out a sigh of content. They may be pretentious but they do have good taste, Ill give them that, he mused and, when Jungkook looked back at him, he saw Taehyung dangling the waiters watch in front of his face. This should earn me some quick cash, hm? He shoved it into his pocket with a smirk. The thing about Taehyung was that he had quick wits and nimble fingers. If you bumped into him in the streets, he could steal everything on you just by using his charm to distract you and you wouldnt notice until it was too late and he was long gone. Jungkook still wasnt sure why his father had recruited a pickpocketer such as Taehyung so long ago but his petty crimes seemed to prove himself useful. Taehyung, if anything, was one of the most dangerous men in their group. Hey, idiots! Hoseok barked into their eardrums, reminding Taehyung and Jungkook of the earpieces they wore. How about you two stop standing around and make yourselves useful? Taehyung, keep an eye on the stairs and the guards. Jungkook, I need you to walk around the party and make sure you keep that rich asshole distracted, got it? He cant come upstairs. The cameras and security system goes down in ten minutes and then I have twenty minutes before they come back on. So, please, make my job easier by doing yours! Taehyung mimicked Hoseok by angrily mouthing his words, waving his hands as if to shoo Hoseok away even though he couldnt see. Got it, Jungkook replied. Well do our job. He threw a glare to Taehyung who simply rolled his eyes and spun on his heel to march toward the stairs (but not before he clumsily bumped into a woman and then easily and swiftly snatched her pearl necklace). Jungkooks hands instinctively flew down to his own pocket, checking to make sure Taehyung hadnt stolen his wallet. When he found it was still safely there, he would turn around and start walking forward, slipping into the crowd of partygoers. A minute must have passed before he saw a flash of black from the corner of his eye. Jungkook paused in his step, his head turning to look and he saw you standing by the bar. You were adorned in a long black dress that hugged your body in all the right places, your bright cherry red lips pursed as you eyed the crowd. You were only just standing there and yet Jungkook couldnt help but be mesmerized by your sudden appearance for you seemed to hold yourself in such a mysterious manner with an alluring aura. Except, he didnt recognize who you were. Of course it was because you were wearing a mask that covered your eyes just like everyone else but Jungkook had long since forgotten his encounter with you anyway. Now, as he stared at you standing under the dim lights, you looked like a complete vixen and Jungkook was intrigued to get closer to you. So, he would do just that.
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