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So I've seen this going around a lot and people seem to have a lot of fun with this. As I understand, this is more or less a tag, but since I'm still rather new to Vingle, I don't know anyone who might tag me, so I decided to just tag myself. xD From what I've seen in other cards, I'm supposed to post pictures and tell you about myself, so here we go. :3
Here are some facts about me: *I'm 27, I'll be 28 in the summer *My bias group is VIXX, and I also love Nu'est, Seventeen, SHINee, GOT7, f(x), Apink, Super Junior and CNBLUE, and I'm also slowly getting into BTS and Big Bang. *I love reading, especially Fantasy *I also write, and I hope to be an author in the future *I love drawing, but I haven't been doing it much lately *I consider myself a creative person *I can be really shy and awkward when people first meet me *Once I open up, though, I can be playful, fun, and sometimes even downright weird x3 *I'm very cuddly, with friends and romantic partners *I can be sarcastic as heck *I'm insanely stubborn, especially when I know I'm right about something *I'm bisexual, so you can also bring forth some ladies, if you want *I love learning languages (among them Korean, of course) One little request: since I'm in my late 20s already, ship suggestions with people who are at least 21 (in international age) would be best, anyone younger would make me feel a bit pedophilic, even if they're legal adults already. Hope you understand. :) Thanks in advance! :D
Thought I'd add my Snapchat story from my birthday last year. xD
@angiey0222 Thank you! :D Had to look them up because I'm not familiar with BEAST's members (or music). Doojoon's profile does make it sound like we may have a few things in common. Plus, he's really good-looking. :) Junhyung is handsome, too, but going by his profile, I don't think we would be a good fit. Thank you for the suggestions! :)
@CreeTheOtaku I'd be super happy with Jonghyun! :D Key, I'm not too sure about, he might be a little too eccentric for my personal taste. xD He'd be a fun friend, though. :3 Thank you for the suggestions! :D
I was thinking either JongHyun or Key from shinee
for some reason, BEAST Doojoon or Junhyung 😊