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This will be my Last photoshop Friday. But don't worry, I will still continue to post these, just not every Friday. you will be able to find these on my collection "K-pop memes and Funny things." I will think of something fun to post on Fridays to replace photoshop Friday. My Collection "T.G.I.K-pop" is a Collection I created for weekly Cards. I can still tag the people who asked me to tag them whenever I post these, I will post them in a card of 10 new pictures. to my followers of "T.G.I.K-pop," please don't worry, K-star Saturday is here to stay. And I will post a brand new one tomorrow. Anyway, I'm sorry for the long speech. Thank you. And have a great day. 馃 @Lexxcisco
I''' still follow and look forward to all your posts^^
OMG!!! @veeyang5
@Lexxcisco sure. I will still tag you. 馃槉
Sounds good! I would love to be tagged in your other cards as well 馃槃
@kpopandkimchi thank you. 馃槉 I will post more of these, but it just won't be a weekly thing.