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First off you have been warned!!! What you are about to see can never be unseen...*serious cutness overload* Credits to the owner!!! This is one of the cutest fanarts I have ever seen! Now moving on...On the 16th of March 2016 EXO came up with one of their best concepts up-to-date (other than El Dorado ofcourse) Oh and they know their representative animals wth!!! they know what we're talking about!!!

Baekhyun the "Flying Squirrel"

Suho the "Rabbit"

Chanyeol the "White Tiger"

Jongin the "Bear"

Kyungsoo the "Penguin"

Jongdae the "Dinosaur"

Lay the "Sheep"

Sehun the "Wolf"

Xiumin the "I'm going to murder every fangirls heart"


The guys look soo cute playing around XD
I'm dieing repeatedly like I'm tearing up on how adorable they look. This usually doesn't happen to me, but ever since I've gotten into kpop, I've been crying randomly because the cuteness and sexy chocolate abs that these idols keep on showing. OMG!! XIUMIN PLEASE STOP IT!!! I LITERALLY DIEING RIGHT NOW!!! 😂😂
Kyungsoo needs to freaking STAHP!! He's killing me
ironically I named my stuffed penguin D.O
Ahhhh they all look so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! And Xiumin's body!!!!!!!!!!! I think I died.
Bless to those who came out with this idea!
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