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Can I have that ONE friend like me ;-;
I'm tried of my friends giving me weird looks every time I want to show them a kpop meme and i don't even bother them that much I show them a kpop meme every two to three weeks
Like seriously most of my friends like kpop but not like me and they think I'm a weirdo for like kpop TOO much they say
I only wanted to talk about my favorite members and how kind, silly, sweet, crazy, and cute they are but my friends don't even bother to listen to me anymore
sorry for the ranting its just I don't like being that one person who is annoying people but just want talk about things we have in common
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@AubriePope just sent you a message
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@CallMeMsDragon Princess_Meulin
2 years agoReply
My bff was only into 2 songs by b.a.p. and when I tried recommending stuff to her she immediately got defensive and was kinda like "df? I'm not THAT weird" ;^; And meeting other kpop fans who are WAYYY more into it and other groups than I am is also a bit scary -_-; RAHHH ARMYs, where you at?!?!?
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I feel like all of us have to deal with friends like that. luckily I have one friends like me
2 years agoReply
I getting my best friend into kpop but she says I like it too much but hopefully she'll start to love kpop
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