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[Leaders Week] Celebrating Our Awesome Leaders!!

This is a card to celebrate some of the awesome (strange) leaders of the K-pop world for this week's Leader Week (I'm actually early on this!!!! And look at GD being a good leader and popping plastic bubbles with T.O.P cx) Please enjoy ^-^

Suho from EXO

We all know that Suho is the mom of EXO, but I think most people usually forget that he's the leader of EXO. He's also not just a mom. he's a "cool mom." His kids always pick on him and he's always attempting to join in on their fun. But he'll always be our adorable little Suho cx

Rap Monster from BTS

Rap Monster is the type of leader that's always messing around with the other members. He might be clumsy and will occasionally break things, but we all love his silly dances and personality. He just wants to have fun with his other hyungs!

G-Dragon from Big Bang

G-Dragon....Well he's ummm....special? XD Anyway, he's the kind of leader that acts like he's the Maknae of the group rather than the leader. He's super childish and sometimes I feel like he should of been a girl rather than a boy, but he's perfect the way he is! And I bet everyone can agree that we all love him in one way or another.

Donghyun from Boyfriend

Donghyun is the oldest in Boyfriend, but he tries so hard to fit in with the younger members by being as crazy as them. He's awesome as imitating people (and animals) and seems to have a strange affection to chickens. He says he brings the sexy to Boyfriend, and even if that's not true (I'm kidding cx), he will always make us laugh.

Bang from B.A.P

Bang acts tough, but deep down here has a soft spot for his fans and the other members. His deep voice makes him seem crazy but he's one of the sweetest, funniest guys you'll ever meet. He cares about his other members a ton and probably would do anything for them. Even when him and the rest of the members all had blonde hair, he was easily someone we could all remember.
And to all the other leaders of the K-pop world!!!! Thank you for taking care of the other members and being completely immature! You guys make us laugh and are so silly and childish that most of us are usually confused why they made you the Leaders, but that's why we love you!! I hope I can meet you guys some day and laugh with you all day c:
I'm sorry if I tag you and you didn't want to be tagged!! If you would like to be removed from my tag list than please tell me, thank you!!!!
@CallMeMsDragon That's so true!! Leaders have to deal with so much to take care of the members and everything. They deserve to be appreciated for all their hardwork.
I think you forgot sungkyu or onew. Just pointing that out.
@MaggieHolm I just did the Leaders I'm more familiar with, but they're equally as important as well ^-^
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