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Since the release of the documentary "Blackfish" which brought to light the horrors that killer whales, also known as Orcas, experience in captivity, Sea World has been in hot water. They have lost nearly half their revenue and attendance has been at an all time low. But finally, finally, Sea World has made some moves to actually start helping the animals they have made their millions off of.
By the beginning of next year, there will be no more Orca whale shows. Instead, not only has a $100 million plan to expand the captive whales habitat been passed, they will now be using these whales for educational purposes. Sea World stated that their 2017 Orca experience will be based on a "natural environment" with "natural behaviors" so that people can experience "natural killer whales". Some criticize that it's not enough. Because they are still in captivity, unable to swim the hundreds of miles a day they are born to (no tank will be big enough), the whales will still experience extreme physical and emotional issues.
But, the best new is, California's Coastal Commission has banned the standard breeding of the whales that Sea World has been doing for years! Thanks to this ban, Orca captivity will slowly fade out. I just hope this will extend to all Sea Worlds, not just California's!!! YAYYY TO FREEING WILLY!
I was really thrilled to hear that they were stopping the breeding program. It's just cruel especially for such smart animals! To torture any living thing is wrong.
So glad there won't be any more in captivity. Some animals do fine there but orcas are not one of them!