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Reason why I love the Jihope Couple ❤
I love how J-hope doesn't care if they mock him, but he won't let anyone mock Jimin
it's like BTS wants us to ship every single member with every other member
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@mkq6301 and this is why I have problems sticking with one ship💞😂
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sorry for my bad grammer aish...I hate auto correct😂
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anwae!!!yah why am I here shipping jimhope LMFAO what ever the shipping name is that's what I call them.....when I'm supposed to be shipping jimkook yah umm.....jungkookie minhae😂😂LMFAO"jungkook be like ' yah jimin you can I only love me 😂and I'll be like LMFAO confess then...
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he's our Hope 💞💞💞
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