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why I'm screaming at 3 am
through my late night internet searches I find myself often screaming at my phone screen so I thought I should explain what is happening to me. BANGTAN IS HAPPENING TO ME! this is what I do......
Ahhhhh JungKook is so cute
Ahhhhhhh JungKook is so cute
Ahhhhh omfg JungKookie is too fucking cute
Ahhhh Odd Future is definitely a concept *in reference to the donut hoodie card I made*
Ahhhhhahaha I love this, I love this a lot
Ahhhhhhh what happens at these meet and greets, I wanna go so bad....also JungKook is so cute
Ahhhhhahaha v is so weird and I'm obsessed
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same here....
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i was up at 3 AM looking at memes....half of them were bangton memes......what am i doing with my life馃槼
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lets not forgot watch bangtan bomb at 3am in the moring. this explain my life but I LOVE IT
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stay in your kookie
a year agoReply
Koookie, definitely got us is a rush. His cuteness is on overload. Got me thinking will BTS be at KCON... Hmmm... We will see then we can go crazy. Haha lol
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