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So I've been seeing on Twitter and Tumblr that the FT light novel came out in Japan containing future information of the characters. I'm mostly into Gajevy myself, so some people are saying that they end up together and have twins. So I'm fangirling about it, but there are others saying that they look like Nalu's kids instead (I could see why), the twins have blue hair so therefore could be Levy's and Gajeel's kids. It's just bugging me, others are saying that they are just referred to as the twins. I'm not sure if the fandom is going crazy over the fact that there is new kids in this or if the light novel states that they belong to one of the fairy tail couples. If that's the case who do these kids belong to???Did they say in the novel or are fans just trying to place them??? I don't mean to offend anyone or anything just want this question answered because I'm confused or tell me your thoughts I looked into this but I feel like I could of done better. Sorry if I don't make sense, this is my first time doing this lol thanks.
Art by Rusky
Art by Eda
these are so Gajeel and Levys kids look at his eyes and his hair and smile thats Gajeel look at the shape of their faces ...Gales kids...
@BobbieStinson just looked everywhere on Twitter and it is their kids, so happy to have that cleared
me too....please let them be their kids..I love Gale😫😫😫😭😭
@BobbieStinson yeah but I could see similar traits to other people from the guild. I'd love it if it was their kids but I just want to see if anyone officially knew it was their kids and not just saying that it is (don't want to have my hopes crushed if it's not their kids) and thanks for commenting
the little boy one has a frown like Gajeel and the girl has that smile like levy