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That hill in New Zealand though....I'd love to hear that spoken aloud. We could also learn a few things from Sweden about recycling. How does one run out of trash to recycle!? America could never! πŸ˜‚
wow we need to take a lesson from Sweden! What energy program are they running that utilize that much garbage? Another little surprise, I know they breed camel in WA and NT, but I didn't know the Saudi get some of their camels from OZ!
The thing about Alaska blew my mind
Omg! This is awesome. I love random facts
I'm amazed! I didn't know everest was still growing
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In-N-Out Comes To Australia; Sells Out Instantly
Thanks to the glory that is social media, 'foodie' culture has allowed for plenty of marketing potential in the restaurant industry. When we have a good meal (or, at least, an incredibly aesthetically pleasing one), we take a picture for Instagram, we check-in on Facebook, we leave a review on Yelp. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by, 50% of adults aged 18 - 32 years said they become aware of particular foods and restaurants via social media. Which is why, when California fast food chain In-N-Out Burger made its way to Australia this week, the results were unlike anything you would've expected in a pre-Facebook generation. Because of their viral success, In-N-Out is able to open 'pop up' shops all around the world, allowing local food porn enthusiasts just four hours to be able to try their famous burgers for themselves. Because of the limited time and the increasing concept of 'FOMO', the lines are understandably huge, and Sydney, Australia's case was no different. (Aussie food blogger Rebecca Sullivan called it "herd mentality in its most embarrassing form." I call it, "How dare you underestimate the majesty of a dope-ass hamburger!") Unfortunately, the In-N-Out pop-up only had enough ingredients to make 300 or so burgers, so employees gave out wristbands to the first 300 people in line, and then sent everyone else on their way. (Will this make them rue the day they met In-N-Out? Will this only make them try harder next time? Who knows.) But, as a Californian, this whole event had me thinking: Have you had In-N-Out before? Do you want to try In-N-Out? If you don't live near one, and an In-N-Out pop-up came to your neighborhood, would you try to go? Let me know in the comments below what YOU think, and for more WTF news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection.
How to Make Online Reservation on Spirit Airlines?
Want to Make Online Reservation on Spirit Airlines? Get the Procedure Here Making reservations two or three months before the departure always helps you to get flights at a cheaper fare on Spirit Airlines. And if you want to book tickets online but don't know the procedure, you shouldn't worry even a little bit as this post has brought you all details to do so. So, make Spirit Airlines reservations immediately online with the help of the given steps. Procedure to Make Reservations on Spirit Airlines Online 1. Before anything else, you need to open the website of Spirit Airlines. 2. Then you are required to choose the Trip and Destinations for your flight tickets. 3. Next, select the dates and number of passengers. 4. Add a promotional code if you have otherwise click the Search Flights option. 5. Consequently, you see the flights to your destination and you have to select the suitable one. Once you select the flight, click Continue. 6. After that, provide the required details and customize your bookings as per your choices. 7. Moving ahead, you find the payment section where you have to select a payment method and complete the Spirit Airlines flight ticket purchase. On completing the payment, you get the confirmation for your flight ticket along with the confirmation number. This confirmation number helps you to manage your flight ticket later. Book a Flight Ticket Online on Spirit Airlines Anytime from Anywhere There's no doubt that the above method will help you to book tickets online. In case it happens that you face any hassle while making Spirit Airlines reservations, the customer service got your back. The reservation support team members will provide you all the required assistance to book flight tickets without any delay.
Carbon Wheelset
Carbon Wheelset Carbon wheelset made its appearance in the early nineties as the manufacturers began experimenting with the material which was used with the reputation of high-performance in Formula One. In the field of biking, it made an entry in 1989. Some categories of riders mostly racers the attraction of carbon wheels is beckoning. The acceptance of factory constructed wheelsets has encouraged its use by consumers. Upgrading a wheelset is now an easy job for customers and detail specifications can be compared with ease. The carbon wheelset is the market innovator right on the top as a choice. It is so because it improves the rider's capability and performance. The cost structure is significant still the carbon wheelset market has developed significantly surpassing in sales to lower-priced wheelsets. The consumers have achieved new gratitude for the aerodynamic performance of wheels. The four components of a wheel are Β· Rim Β· Hub Β· Spokes Β· Nipples Most of the carbon wheelset is purchasable in tubular and clincher form. The rims are fitted with rim brakes and some with disc brakes. The package is inclusive of a disc wheel. The rim height and width differ or else shaped depending on the model. The front wheels come with 16-20 spokes. Lightweight wheels are synonymous with high-quality carbon wheelset. The production of carbon wheelset is considered a form of art because lightweight experts have mastered the art of engineering meticulously. The construction experts visualize and build carbon wheelset which is lightweight in construction has stability, stiffness and comfort thus establishing compatibility between rider, road bike and its wheelset. The marketing agents also offer single wheel like a spare wheel. Special features The carbon wheelset needs less energy to accelerate the rotating mass and at the same time is very stable. Thus, carbon wheelset is a combination of Β· Aerodynamics-this will minimize drag very much so will make a noticeable difference at higher speeds. Β· Crosswind resistance Β· Stiffness-greater than an aluminium wheelset Β· Handling Β· Weight lightness-the lightest carbon wheelset possesses tubular rims. This wheel will be particularly good for climbers. Β· Braking performance-good carbon wheels can transform the ride of a bike. The bike has a more responsive nature. Β· Speed- carbon wheelset provide a smoother ride even on rough road surfaces Β· Agility Β· Stylish-the bike looks sleek when rolling on a pair of deep-section carbon wheelset. Several bikers invest in these wheels solely because it looks good. However, the layout method involves lining the mould with sheets of carbon fibre for curing. This whole process is manually done leading to increase of time and cost of manufacturing. The spoke fabrication and weight distribution of the carbon wheelset ensures total curve precision. The carbon wheelset is less likely to twist and no watt is destroyed but it is converted into acceleration quickly. Laminated spokes More so with light carbon wheelset the spoking factor of specific significance. The spokes are unified into the carbon rim and the wheel stays practically stiff. The spokes can withstand a traction force and guarantee a high level of safety on day-to-day riding. The wheels should be used as specified and, in that case, will last a long time.
The Great Wall (Beijing 07.13)
No trip to Beijing (or in fact, China) is complete without a trip to the Great Wall. I'd lived in Beijing for nearly a year before I finally made the trek out to the Great Wall. It wasn't that I hadn't wanted to go, I'd simply been waiting for my family to visit me so we could go together. After much discussion over which section of the wall to climb, we decided to go to Badaling. This is probably the most famous and definitely the most photographed section of the wall. There is convenient transportation from Beijing and the fact that it is one of the easiest sections of the Wall to hike along also means its the favourite among tourists. Since it has been well managed, it is also one of the safest parts of the wall to visit. We were told that it would be teeming with tourists but it really wasn't that bad and we had a great time clambering around. It was a very hot day when we went which might explain why there weren't many people there - it was upwards of 30 degrees Celsius! If you choose to go, make sure you take adequate clothing and footwear. Also, bring a lot of bottled water - you're going to need it. There are stalls at the base of the wall which sell water but you'll end up paying 5x the normal price (or more on a hot day....much much more!) If you have the time or you're a more confident hiker, it's definitely worth checking out some of the less well known sites like Simatai and Jinshanling. These sections haven't been restored in places so are markedly more dangerous but I've been told the views are beyond spectacular. If I get the chance to go back to the Wall on my own (or with friends who are up for a physical challenge), I'll be sure to check these out!