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(A Lee Kwang Soo Fan Fiction) 안녕하세요 내 사랑. Its your favorite blue eyed, green eyed, black girl. 저는 Elisha 입니다 aka ENF2. Since I've gotten such a positive response on the first installment I'll post 2 before my break is over. Recap: One
A Lee Kwang Soo Fan Fiction 2 Your luck started to comeback one special day. After nearly a month of not living it up in the country you dreamed of calling home you got a morning message from Asia's Prince. It was a simple questioning Hello. You hadn't been messaging anyone since you made it to Korea. You were way too busy, with looking for jobs and a better living situation, to chat. When you weren't trying to improve your Korean life your down time was spent sleeping. So it surprised you to see the message. (Author's Note: All messages in Korean I'm just being a bit lazy and not writing them in Hangul and translating them to English, sorry) *Hi* you reply back. *Long time no talk.* *Yeah, sorry just moved and busy getting used to my surroundings.* *Moved? Where to?* *Yeah sorry can't really talk now I gotta get ready for work.* you ended the conversation and did as you said putting on your uniform and headed out of you small, dim apartment. Just in time for your break, from your minimum wage job, you receive a call. The number wasn't familiar but why should it? After applying for so many jobs you just answer hoping its a better offer than the last. ** (Again in Korean, not doing the busy work) "Hello?" "Yes, is this (Y/N)*possibly said incorrectly because its foreign*?," a male voice asked happily and confident. "Yes, this is (Y/N) *said the correct way*. "Well, I'm from King Kong Entertainment and we have received your application well. Our company has a receptionist position available. We'd like to go through an interview with you, if you are interested in the job," he explains. You knew that company well, in fact it was one of the first places you had applied. You had thought it a long shot to get a job there, yet here you were being offered an interview. Your thoughts went immediately to the real Asian Prince and how your chat buddy with that username would be happy that you would get to work around the authentic one. What a coincidence that he messaged you the same day you acquired this opportunity. "When is the next available time to be interview?" "If your able to now we can set one up for the next hour," he answers. Of course this was too good to be true, you felt your happy bubble burst. "Actually I'm on break from my past time job right now and won't be available until 2pm." "That's understandable," he replies. "In fact it benefits the both of us. Two-thirsty is the next clear schedule if you'd like to still do it today," he informs positivity flowing from his words. "That sounds amazing, thank you," you respond mentally thanking the heavens for an opportunity like this. He give you the address then ends the phone call. The next four hours you finish your tedious duties more lively than before. You clock out and aim straight for the train station. Even more luck shines your way as you manage to find a seat in the train and embellish your simple make up and hair. Once done you realize you're still in your dull work uniform. You didn't want the company's first impression of you to be in this so you instantly start making plans. If you get this job buying a new blouse now wouldn't hurt in the long run. You check the time 2:12pm. You mentally alerted yourself that you had 10 minutes to find, purchase, and wear said blouse. In seconds you reach your station, zooming to one of the many clothing outlets you find and purchase a frilly light blue blouse and necklace that complimented it well. If you get the job an accessory would be a minor detail, you convince yourself. 2:18pm, you had time to spare from your mission but didn't spend it lollygagging. You were always told: Being on time was late and being Early was on time. You speed walk through two streets your generic black work pants making that annoying brushing noise all the way. You GPS had guided you straight to the front doors of the company 2:23pm your phone read as you waled into the building, nervously straightening your outfit and wiping sweat from your brow. You prayed you wouldn't look like a sweaty mess during the interview. You inform the very pregnant receptionist of your reason for being here and she directs you to an elevator and instructs you of your next move after calling a manager, you assume the one that called you, to announce your arrival. "They're in a meeting right now so once you get on the floor the secretary will show you in," she said so sweetly.
Tune in next time. Until then this is your favorite Kop/K-World Fandom Trainee, just a trainee. Today is another day to do better, I'll do better(and get back to work), you do better. 사랑해 ❤
kinda. Kakao Talk , I believe it's called.. I was on there but my phone is rude and I deleted it because of lack of space @Jinnyrod3
is there an app that let's u communicate like that?