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Today is my birthday and since I am not very social on here I thought that I would try and start today. I decided to make myself a birthday card because I knew nobody else would (because no one knew my birthday haha). I don't have any friends that I talk to on here so that is why I am not as active as I could be, plus being a college student is hard work! I am going to try and comment more on cards and maybe make more of my own if I have the time. So please welcome me into your community circle ^^
I'll start with my bias group. They are the reason I got into Kpop in the first place! I am still considered a beginner because I am relativity new. I started listening in Dec. of 2015 and it has absorbed my life and soul at this point >.< T.O.P is my ultimate bias as well. The song that really got me to love them was one of their new ones from MADE: SOBER. Another song that I never get tired of is Haru Haru... So sad yet so addicting!
As you can tell I have pictures with their names, in the beginning I used them to help memorize names for the groups I wanted to follow. It made things a TON easier. I never have a solid bias in this group but at the moment it is J-Hope. I am in love with their song Whalien 52 and practically ALL of their other songs!
I am super sad that I can't go to their Fly concert in LA... I mean I can but I am choosing not to... It's confusing. I would rather have that money to spend when I go to Korea next year so that's why I am holding back on going to the concert. I love all of their songs and I am SUPER excited for their comeback!!!
Overall I prefer male voices to female voices so that is why I am into a lot more boy groups than girl groups but I really enjoy 4Minute and their songs. I don't love every single one of their songs but they do have some really great ones. I absolutely love all their their Act. 7 songs!
Okay last group (sorry for making this so long !) I just recently got into liking Mamamoo and their newest album is amazing! They are my friends bias group and she LOVES them! And now I can see why. I love their song Words Don't Come Easy but at the same time I equally love the song Friday Night (feat. Junggigo)
Follow me on Tumblr! All about Kpop! ( Sorry again for making it really long! I am not very good at making cards but I it was fun and I think I did a decent job!
happy birthday! heres a cake 🎂!
Happy birthday! ! ! ! Haha I'm just like you when it comes to being an active Vingler (is that what we're called? lol) But anyways, enjoy your birthday!
Happy Birthday!!!!
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