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@jealousshota I finally got around making the curry. this is a simple one that I do when I have lots to do during the day. it's a crock pot curry.
ingredients 6 boneless chicken breast cubed 1Tb spoon olive oil 4 Tb spoon of ground curry spice 1 Tb spoon of all spice 2 cloves of garlic Scallions 1Tb spoon of ginger fresh 1 Cup of fat free chicken broth ( if you put in more vegetables then add another Cup of broth.) one large papato cubed hot pepper of your choice
put chicken in first then veggies add ginger then spices including the garlic. put broth over top. the cook eather on low for 8hr or high for 6hr. cook rice.
add corn starch to thicken if you want to.
It's a good thing! This looks soooo good!
This made me so hungry!!
I will try some soon
@alywoah sorry.