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Takuya has a birthday today!

♢March 18 1992, Heavens blessed the earth with an Angelic Face!

♢He is equally Talented as he is Gorgeous.

Takuya Terada Facts:

♧ Position: Leader, Vocalist, and Face of the Group  he’s good at baseball ♧ has a little obsession with Candy Crush (just a little) ♧ he’s the closest with Shin since they were the first to meet ♧ Height: 187 cm (6'1") ♧→ Place of Birth: Moriya, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan  ♧DRAMAS:  → Sign (2011) → RUN60 (2012) → The Lovers *Gorgeous* ♧ When Cross Gene promotes in Japan, he takes the leadership.
Takuya is adorable. He is known for being the tall goofy bean. (Trust me, He fits perfectly with Cross Gene)

He loves His Members. They love him as well!

He's absolutely loveable!

♡ Happy Birthday Sweet Gorgeous Gene!!! ♡


Tagging Requested for Cross Gene:

@Tigerlily84 Yes sweetheart! I do too! He meshes so well with the others! I enjoy watching them interact. It most Def is!
@AimeeH omg he is so adorable. I love his interactions with the other members. And gorgeous gene is perfect for him.
@MadAndrea XD Haha its okay!!! I now have someone else to add so you won't be lonely to long!
@MadAndrea Yeas! They are most definitely beautiful talented men!! Slay to the 100th percent.
Lol lonely little me at the bottom XD
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