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IM JUST SUPER CURIOUS TO SEE WHOS GOING! This is my third time seeing them and I might just have an all out meltdown. Plus I kind of want to meet up at the Galleria Mall in Koreatown and eat plus hangout hours before. Is anyone down?
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@daznothephop Yup. I was a little late to the Kpop craze. EXO was my first Kpop show, which feels so weird to say since I've been going to concerts regularly for the past dozen years xD
My first kpop concert was Big Bang when they had the alive tour! Do you have a favorite group? @jennicinneman
@daznothephop I am oozing with jealousy right now. Haha. I absolutely love Big Bang (one of the few groups with members actually older than myself), and I'll probably never get to see them live. B.A.P is probably at the top of my favourites. And I'd be lying if I didn't admit to having some serious Got7 feels right about now. They are, after all, the band that got me into Kpop in the first place, so they will probably always have a place in my heart. How 'bout yourself?
@daznothephop i am going to the one in nyc
Going to the one in SF, then Jay Park 2 days later.