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(From left to right) Top Row: Eunseo, Xuan Yi, Seol A, Mei Qi, Dawon (From left to right) Middle Row: EXY, Bona, Cheng Xiao, Yeoreum (From left to right) Bottom Row: Luda, Dayoung, Soo Bin
Cosmic Girls (WJSN) (Chinese:宇宙少女) (Korean:우주소녀) is a twelve-member girl group under Starship Entertainment. The group made their debut with their first mini album WOULD YOU LIKE? on February 25th, 2016; and held their debut stage on Mnets M! Countdown with their title track Mo Mo Mo on the same day. They also released a second single titled Catch Me.
Many of you might be familiar with one of the members Exy because she most recently competed on the hot mess that was Unpretty Rapstar 2. To be honest I get annoyed when groups have this many members. Mainly because all of the names I have to remember. But Im slowly getting there I think. At first I didnt really like their first track Mo Mo Mo, it seemed a bit boring especially since Ive heard better songs come from this company. But it started to grow on me. Catch Me has to be my favorite. Hands down. It just has a good beat. I was also very impressed by the groups ability to be crisp when they danced together. It seems difficult especially with all of the group members.
Heres their debut stage for Mo Mo Mo.
And finally their debut stage for catch me. So what do you guys think of this group? Do you find them interesting or do you believe they will get lost in the sea of girl groups?