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I am sorry that I left Vingle so suddenly....can't tell just how long I was gone!!! Crazy school I have been studying non stop and somehow I still think I am failing my math class (I am just not great at it) *refer to the gifs* Then the funny thing is that I dropped my phone in my ramen I technically have no phone (except the one I am using but really its not on service and only works with wifi) so yeah Just dealing with people huh...aww well
But I am back and I will try to be as active as I was!!! I miss you guys!!! I have a lot of catching up to do!!!! Wow there really have been a lot of stuff happening (Gummyz I am going to Got7 concert in LA!! YOUNGJAE HERE I COME ) I NEED to buy Bts Now3 Dreaming Days dvd its amazing!!!! So now as an apology I will leave some of my favorite Bts spam to brighten your days/nights!!!
aww it's ok!! i havent been able to get on much either!! tho it's work that's kept me busy. n when i do have a day off i got stuff to do!
Welcome Back!!
So happy to see u!
.o. it's been so long...
At least if you're going to drop your phone in something it was Ramen! Glad you're back! :)
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