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Hello my lovely Video Game Vinglers! Hope you're having an awesome Friday~
I was just browsing through my Steam account today and you know what...I didn't want to play any of the games in my library. So...it's time for a new game! And I'm looking to you guys for suggestions! (Any game from Steam or anything that will work on a Mac because I'm still going through the "No console, broke college student" phase)
Oh and it might help if I say that my favorites are usually indie and horror, but I will check out any games that you guys suggest~

Thanks in advance for your recommendations! ^_^

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Would you like to post a list of games or post your steam ID? So we'll know what you've already played and liked.. and we'll be able to suggest something new.
Thanks for all the recommendations guys! :)
Mass effect, or Assasins Creed Syndicate.
xmen origins wolverine
Undertale, all the way xD its worth it.