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Hello my lovely Video Game Vinglers! Hope you're having an awesome Friday~
I was just browsing through my Steam account today and you know what...I didn't want to play any of the games in my library. So...it's time for a new game! And I'm looking to you guys for suggestions! (Any game from Steam or anything that will work on a Mac because I'm still going through the "No console, broke college student" phase)
Oh and it might help if I say that my favorites are usually indie and horror, but I will check out any games that you guys suggest~

Thanks in advance for your recommendations! ^_^

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Would you like to post a list of games or post your steam ID? So we'll know what you've already played and liked.. and we'll be able to suggest something new.
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Thanks for all the recommendations guys! :)
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Mass effect, or Assasins Creed Syndicate.
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xmen origins wolverine
2 years ago·Reply
Undertale, all the way xD its worth it.
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