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On March 18, a Chinese news agency reported that three people using an internet cafe to scam at least 50 people have been arrested by the Hong Kong police. The cafe promised to book tickets for BIGBANG's South Korean concert in advance on behalf of their clients. The arrests were made on March 17. The three people are charged with using false advertising such as misleading slogans and concert posters throughout January and February to extort a total of 300,000 Hong Kong dollars (about $38,000) from the victims. After receiving a huge amount of money in advance, the accused told the victims to collect their tickets at certain subway stations in Seoul. At least 50 victims actually made their way to Korea seeking the promised tickets. When they learned of the fraud, they returned to Hong Kong and reported the crime to the police there. The Chinese news agency reports that 49 women and 1 man were scammed, with 45 of them being from Hong Kong and the remainder from Macau and mainland China. In order to investigate potential fraud victims who did not report the crime and also to prevent such incidents from occurring again, the Hong Kong police are reported to be planning to expand their future investigations. BIGBANG held the final concert dates of their highly successful MADE World Tour in Seoul from March 4 to 5. I know it isn't exciting news but I thought I would share
Many Freud is happening right now on BB MADE VIP Tour tickets...I feel so bad as fans spend so much money they save... and wasn't for the real ticket...😧😧😧😧 those bad axx... sigh...
man that is terrible I feel bad for those VIP'S that thought they were going to the concert
that's just wrong and I hope that the VIPs get their money back
that sucks!!! I would cry! but also outside the venue they resell tickets for 3 times the price. they were charging around $300 for resale vs $100 won
that's evil!