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Sorry for posting so late , today has been such a rough day!! But I promise to post a oneshot for our sunshine to make it up to you guys!!
YoungJae being all cute and fluffy as usual!!
I always like when he smiles but I find it even cuter when he has a straight face, I really like the second picture!
Look at how sexy he especially with the blonde
Now here are just some cute pictures of him !!
Hope you guys enjoyed this! Again sorry , I love you guys! As always let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged in future cards GOT7 Team: @PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @MaricelvaRomero@ManduBum @UnnieCakesAli @luna1171 Tag List @LenaBlackRose @AimeeH @sarangseoltang@XionHeart @SharayahTodd @KpopQuixxMarie @GDsGF @GenesisZiporrah @Gianlica @KpopGaby @kpopdeluxegirl @kpopisnylife @PrettieeEmm @punkpandabear @kpop14young聽聽 @GUMMYB34RZz @JohnEvans @staceyholley @MaricelvaRomero @EmilySavage @EmilyGardner @HuonTreeRoo@CreeTheOtaku @ElizabethT@Exoexo @DestinyMcCauley@VKookie47@TracyLynnn @wiviDemol @DeeNice @UnnieCakesAli@maddiedo @marshalledgar @H8rt4u @hmelodie @sarahpjane @SusiBosshammer @MelaninMonroe @KatieRussell @xroyalreisx @xsandos17 @VeronicaArtino @otakukpopgirl @AnnieGoodman @adikiller @ArmyofKookie @ArianaVenti @amandamuska @AlloBaber @jcl4rkson @AimeeH @AmbieB @awesaawQqwq2qq @RebeccaLondon @wondergirl聽聽 @themrshongki@namjoonswife @ninjamidori @NEOisRealo @nnatalieg @Nerukawong @NalaniCerteza @VictoriaBossier @Vlargo @VixenViVi @Jiyongixoxo @JamiMilsap @JennieThor @YessicaCardenas @Ivethcrisoforo @RogueLeigh @AlysaNguyen @Sammie99522 @IGot7Forever @SHINee808 @TerraToyaSi @AyamenTenchu @Maddie27 @AlexisRiver @TashiannaBostic@jazgaara33 @CrystalGuerra @KaiJae@orchiofriend549 @yeniyx23 @MichelleMonroe @aegyoxprinMOcess @SugaMint @Helixx @kpopandkimchi@DamarisCisneros聽聽 @SugaKookies@Ercurrent@BrandyBell16 @mbg3t @jeniseglasper @EliseB@resavalencia @CuteBabyLay@HopeElizabeth
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Youngjae oppa!!馃攰his new hair is the best tho馃槏馃槏馃槝
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tag me plz
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@Xoxojessica12 of course
2 years agoReply
So adorable!!!鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
2 years agoReply