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I went to see the movie last week and it was so amazing!!! There are tons and tons of things I love about the movie and I don't even know how to express myself... It also doesn't help that I was lucky enough to get the first row ticket for the stage greeting and Kim Soo Hyun was just there smiling and telling us to enjoy the movie. He was so close and I felt like my breath was taken away by his handsomeness... I probably need to go and see it one more time before I can do a review about it (if I decide to do one, at all). Meanwhile, I heard that the movie has passed 3 million viewers! :D
i hope drama fever will have it sooner
@chasinghapiness Gee ... tks. Looking forward to it. Wait ... let me tell @winterlovesong to get her tear bank ready. Haha.
@oj1992 HAHAHAH smelling him... I took more (and better) photos with my camera! let me try to get them up and mention you heh ^__^
@chasinghapiness You already hit jackpot when you so close to smelling him. haha.
@oj1992 @winterlovesong yes I kept replaying the scene in my head and also because I couldn't understand everything in the movie (I watched in in Korean) I spent the whole night trying to figure out what happened... @ennairamaleuzer it might take a while before it is available online (at least 3 months) but I heard they are gonna screen it at the CGV cinemas abaord
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