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Chapter 3

~Tanny's POV~ Lunch is almost over...I give Steff a hug as a say "You'll be fine! and if they do anything to you i'll kill them! arraso?" "Ne~ thanks Tanny" She said "Mhm" We stayed like that till the bill rang and then we walked to class...holding hands... ~Steff's POV~ It's a good thing that Tanny is here...I guess i just needed to talk to little bit....is what i was thinking the whole time In the rooftop ~Jackson's POV~ "Mark, mian...I had to take care of something" I said looking at the ground...he looks away and said "Jackson You know my feelings right?" I look at the ground "Ne" i said slowly and quietly "Mark? who was that girl? the one you were talking to?" i asked "Waeyo? you like her?" He said looking hurt..."Aniyo! but..you are always quiet..and you don't talk to people.." I said. He leans closer and whispers in my ear I won't give up on you...ever" as he smirked and walked back to class...When he left, I lay down looking at the sky... ~Mark's POV~ As soon as a walked towards the stairs...I heard a some noises..."What are you doing?" I said as I look at the figure, Ohh it's the girl from just now.."I'm not doing anything" She said while blushing...I lean closer "Why were you watching us?" I asked with my face an inch away from hers "Aniyo! i wasn't watching.." she said as she tried to push me away gently I sit next to her "Name and year..." i said "Huh?" she said "Ohh Aseel first year" I nod "Umm...I need to get going...the bell is gonna ring soon..."She said but got cut by the bell "Ah never mind...see you tomorrow?" She asked I simply nod and she nods as well then leaves.. ~Aseel's POV~ OMG I talked to a guy! and not a normal guy but a cute one!...Something is going on between those two..i think i saw them somewhere.. i thought as i got back to my seat... ~Steff's POV~ Mr.Park asks us to make groups of three... Yugyeom was already taken by the girls from last time..I walk to Tanny and we look for a third member... ~Tanny's POV~ I looked for another member for our group then I noticed that Aseel, the girl next to me didn't have a group. I tap her on the shoulder "Umm wanna join our group?" I asked..."....Sure.." she said in a low voice i guess she's the quiet type... ~Steff's POV~ I guess Tanny and Aseel get along very well...Aseel isn't talkative but she gets the job done...When we discussed our ideas...she would just shrug or say something like "whatever, i don't care,etc"..."Aseel, You always have your headphones on, what are you listening to?" Tanny asked...Aseel got excited and put her heaphones in my ears and Tanny's...I kept listening and omg it was so good!! "That was good! who are they?" I said Aseel giggled as she showed me a picture "Hold on!, isn't that Yugyeom? I didn't know he sings..." I said "You didn't know?" Aseel said like i was suppose to know "Aniyo...did you know about that Tanny?" I said "Umm....Steff...this is the guy from this morning...Jackson Wang.." Tanny said "Omg you met Jackson Wang?!!!" Aseel said... ~Aseel's POV~ Tanny met Jackson?!! I just noticed that...I TALKED TO MARK TUAN!! The guys on the rooftop were Jackson and Mark!! "Umm Tanny how did you meet Jackson?" i ask. All what i'm thinking about is what's going on between Jackson and Mark...Tanny tells me what happened "Umm did you thank him?" i ask...omg i sound so desprate i thought "Why are you asking a lot about Jackson Wang?" Tanny asked "Ahh i'm just a fan" I said while shruging "do you want to ask Yugyeom about Jackson's class? together and you too Steff?" they would probably say no..."Yass" Steff said as she pulled me and Tanny along with her walking towards Yugyeom... Meanwhile ~Yugyeom's POV~ Waeyo! I wanted to be with Steff...I did my work quickly then i saw her coming towards me pulling along Tanny and another girl.."Kim Yu Gyeom!...You didn't tell me you sing!" she said..Ahh here comes trouble...I hope she won't ask about the other members "That's awesome! Tanny needs to see Jackson Wang as soon as possible to thank him..."and she tells me the whole thing "Wow Jackson hyung did that?! Jackson hyung's class is umm...I'll take you there!" I said as I pointed to them to follow me...i hope this turns out well... ~Tanny's POV~ We walk with Yugyeom to Jackson's class while Yugyeom is talking to Steff about his stage name and Aseel being well Aseel...I'm so nervous.."Jackson hyung!" Yugyeom said...he looks around then another guy came "Yugyomie? What are you doing here" The guy asked "Ah Jaebum hyung! do you know where Jackson Hyung is??" Yugyeom asks the guy called Jaebum, he said "He's probably in the rooftop" We all bowed to him even Steff and Aseel then I said "I'm going to go there alone...you guys go back to class" I said as I give Steff a quick hug and rushed over to the staircase leading to the rooftop... ~Steff's POV~ Oh well...Tanny looks very happy...i guess i'll just wait till she comes back.."Do you want to go see what's gonna happen between them?" i whispered in Aseel's ear "Umm but...isn't that disrespectful?" She whispered back...wow what a good girl "We'll just take a little peak..Tanny wouldn't mind..i think" I said "Umm ok" she whispered back "Yugyeom...we're going to the restrooms...you hurry to class!" I said to Yugyeom who was spacing out.."Ahh umm ok see you guys later?" I simply nod at him and pull Aseel along acting as if we're going to the restrooms till he's gone then we walked to the staircase... In the rooftop ~Jackson's POV~ Aissh i never thought Mark would be like that...I liked him as a brother and a best friend but not as a lover...i think while sighing then i hear the sound of the door opening...crap it's probably one of the teachers...I look but it was the cute girl from this morning..."Hey there, what are you doing here?" I asked..she seems nervous she quickly bows "For this morning, I'm very sorry" she said "Ahh it's fine rise your head" I said..she comes closer and said "Gwenchanah? did that bastard hurt you?" she said "Aniyo! Guaenchanah!" i said. "Geurae?" She said as she thanked me and told me that one of her friends is a fan of mine. I just shruged and said "Ohh"


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