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Joshua, the "gentleman" vocalist from seventeen and Minhyun from Nu'Est join their clear voices to recreate Nu'Est's recent comeback song "Overcome". The simple background adds to the elegance of their voices as the flowers contribute to the soft ambience they create.
At first one might question whether their voices would clash with each other, both of them having very clear voices of a similar pitch. Yet their voices come together in a heart lifting harmony contrasting the powerful original.
Minhyun takes the lead in terms of singing but Joshua accompanies the song by harmonizing and his fingerstyle acoustics.

Please show Minhyun and Joshua's collaborative cover a lot of love! And also support Nu'Est's recent come back with "Q is"!

Where are our carats and L.O.螞.E.s???

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@Misschimchim I know! They make an amazing duo ~Tay
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@kpopINT yes it is
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Oh my god. This is fantastic
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I'll have to check this song out as well as SEVENTEEN and Nu-est's stuff. I've heard a lot of good things for both groups :3
2 years agoReply