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Hey, Guys THANKS SO MUCH for reading my story. I had awesome feedback and comments that made me want to do a series.


First Time in Korea
Who Do You Think You are
I'm His Noona
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I quietly slip inside my cousin's room to give him a surprising wake up call because I just arrived this morning to my aunts' and uncles' house to stay over Spring Break. It's 8:48 am, usually he's not up at this time but auntie told me since he is in training to debut, he's been up earlier than this but today is his day off. Little did I know that we weren't the only ones in the room, when I trip over a leg and land face first in a solid chest. I heard an Ommfff, then a groan. I pick my head up and look up and see a drowsy cute face that I've never seen in my life. He lifts his head up and looks down at me, still half-asleep, he lays his head back down again and wraps his arms around me.

'What the...Oh my gosh...What do I do?' my face is burning and it takes me a lot to not just hide my face on his chest to cool down. I grab his arms that are wrapped around my shoulders and I gently get up off him. He senses me getting off of him and he turns on his side to cuddle with a Mario plushie. 'Aww, so CUTE!' I look around and I see another body sprawled out on a makeshift bed on the floor next to Hoseok's bed. Hoseok's bed is against the wall, I tip toe around the cute guy and turn my attention to the one sleeping next to Hoseok's bed. This one had a mint green hair color and he had his mouth open and lightly snoring. I look at Hoseok and get on top of his bed, I kneel right next to his legs and put my hands on his shoulders, his body face up. I start shaking him and slowly he opens his eyes to look at who was doing that to him. At first, he couldn't seem to focus on my face but once he did, he exclaimed, "(Y/N)!!!".

His voice was so deep from sleep that it woke the Mint Green and Cute Face from their sleep. Mint Green opened his eyes to see what the commotion was all about, we made eye contact and I'm guessing I wasn't enough to pique his curiosity, that he rolled over to the other side and went back to sleep. 'How rude!' Cute Face, on the other hand, was sitting up his shirt had risen in the back and he was scratching his head, he turned around and looked at Hoseok hugging me. I pry open Hoseok's arms away from me and I clear my throat and stare at Hoseok. He just blankly stares back until I nudge my head towards Cute Face. His eyes seemed to widen and he gave me a sly smile, when he finally realized what I was trying to signal to him.

"(Y/N), this is SeokJin Hyung. SeokJin Hyung, this is (Y/N)." Hoseok said, with a full on smile. I look over to Cute Face, I mean SeokJin, and I start blushing profusely. He nods and says, "You can call me Jin, everyone does." I nod and look back to my cousin and signal with my hand to my mouth, that he needs to brush his teeth. He sheepishly smiled and scrambled off the bed to go to the bathroom. I laid myself comfortable in his bed and recalled the many phone calls I had with Hoseok. He told me about the members in his group, what their hobbies are, what positions they play, and much more, but I've never actually seen them. Now, that I had a chance this week to spend with Hoseok, I'm going to get to know the members, personally. I look down my nose to Jin and I see him wearing glasses. 'Gosh, how is it possible for someone to look that good in the morning?', just then, the door opens up and Hoseok is holding a camcorder and points it to Jin. Jin takes off his glasses and Hoseok asks him the same thing I just thought about.
'Omg, I can't believe this guy's confidence.' Hoseok starts to bother Mint Green. I get up from the bed, out the bedroom door, and head into the kitchen. My aunt and uncle left because they still had to go to work, while I had Break. I start getting the ingredients to make omelets and pancakes. While I was cutting some vegetables for the eggs, I felt a presence behind me. Out of nowhere, arms wrapped themselves around mine and a hand firmly grabbed mine, I felt hot breath in my right ear, and someone said, "This is how you cut it, if you cut it like this, it puts less strain on your wrists." I turn my head to where the voice was coming from and our noses brushed against each others. My eyes widen to find Jin there, he also had the courtesy to blush and he immediately let go of me. He put his face in his hand from embarrassment, I think? "Cute." I said. He looked up and said, "What?"

"Oh, I said, Shoot! Because I cut my finger." As I said that, his face became concerned and he grabbed my hand gently to examine my finger. He lead me to the sink and rinsed it off. He found a band-aid in one of the kitchen drawers and put it on me. He smiled at me and I blushed and smiled, back. He grabbed the knife and started to cut the vegetables, I started to make the pancakes, we worked together in a comfortable silence. Once we finished, we called the boys to come eat. We looked at each other with a proud face and we started to eat.

****Several Days Later******
Jin and I have become inseparable, we found that we have very similar hobbies, like cooking, Mario Brothers, and taking care of the members. Once in a while, I'll bring them home-cooked meals that I made and share them to the guys at school and they would start to tease me about how I'm wifey material and that I'll make a guy lucky to have married me. I start to blush, especially when Jimin jokes about how he wants to be my man, even though I'm older than him. He said, "Age ain't nothing but a number, plus in my eyes, you aren't a Noona to me, you are a woman." At that comment, everyone was catcalling and whooping loudly. He got smacked by the head by Jin and Suga, Mint Green, glared at him. I couldn't take it anymore, so I walked away. I started to walk down the hallway towards my locker, thinking about what Jimin said about age ain't nothing but a number. I wonder if Jin thinks like that, too. I mean I'm only older than him by a few months. I have never heard him call me noona, so what am I supposed to think?

I reach my locker and grab my confession letter, I hold it to my chest, hoping with all hope that maybe, just maybe, my feelings will be reciprocated. I look at it and I seal it with a kiss. All of a sudden, I'm being whipped around and pushed into my locker.
I look to see Jin very close to my face. I stammer, "J-j-jin, Wh-what the hell?" I look into his eyes and I see a gleam in his eyes that sent a shiver through me and a warm feeling that pooled in my lower belly. I've never seen him like this, so aggressive, so manly. Usually, he acts so cute and squishy, that this aura he's giving off is turning me on. He leans, ever so slowly, so closely to my face and says,
"(Y/N), I don't know when it happened, but I do know that I can't stand when you laugh with other guys that aren't me. That you get flustered with the smallest of compliments, that you have such a big heart that is easy to take advantage of, and that you are the girl that I'm falling for. I may not make sense to you but you make sense to me, I need you, I want you. I'll work hard from now on to make you smile." His hot breath fanning next to my ear, he whispers...
"Will you be my Noona? My one and only?"

I swallowed, trying to relieve the thirst, but it can't be quenched that easily. I turn my head to his ear and said, "Yes, I'm yours, I'm your Noona." He looked at me and his facial expression wasn't of squishiness but of real desire. I grabbed the sides of his head and kissed him. It was just a peck, I pulled back to see his face, his eyes opened in surprise and then narrowed with disapproval of how short it was. One of his hands went to the back of my neck and pulled me towards him. The other grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. His hand glided over my hip, down my thigh, pulling my leg up near his hips and he pressed our bodies against the locker so he can have some support. My hands were in a frenzy, my heart lodged in my throat, and my breathing ragged and loud. My heart beating so fast in my ears, that I didn't hear someone clearing their throats, to get our attention. I opened my eyes and I see Suga with his closed fist in front of his mouth, stifling a smile. Jin notices me stiffen up that he looks at my face to see what happened, he follows my gaze to Suga and I feel him tense up. He puts me behind him, "What is it, Suga?"

"Oh, nothing, I came out her to console (Y/N) but I guess I don't need to worry about it, since you got it under control, right?" I can tell that he is trying so hard not to laugh. Jin's face must have changed for Suga to suddenly act serious and turn on his heels and walk away. Jin faces me and says, "Sorry about that, I need to teach my members how to give people privacy." His face was full of concern and sheepishness, then a second later, his face became sexy, "Let's continue this at my house, tonight." I am so shocked at his sudden expression change, that it took me a moment to process what he said last. "Bu-Bu-But I have math homework, tonight." He gives me a sexy crooked smile and says, "I'll be your tutor..." my eyes widen at that and what he said next made me blush so much, that I hide my face in his chest, "in math and in love making."


OMG OMG writing this gave me second-hand embarrassment. I cringed a little bit at some parts but "Oh my stress" Jin is a firecracker. Watch out for him!!!!!!!!!!!
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