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hi, hello, 안녕!

Guys Guys Guys!! So, guess what I found out??


Why have I seen a lot of Wonho, Hyungwon, and Shownu together lately? Can it be a possible subunit hint? Hmm, but then again I don't think so because I think they would atleast put one rapper in the subunit but you never know. Anyways, well these handsomes will be showing off their good looking bodies as models so don't forget to look out for that cat walk and model pose pictures on the 23rd of this month! ^^

I can say I'm a proud Monbebe!!

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@IsoldaPazo oh jaja yeah el me mata.. pero tambien shownu
2 years ago·Reply
@PrettieeEmm....ay ya somos dos...todos los de monsta x me tienen loca
2 years ago·Reply
yeah I see how that's possible... seeing as how they are all handsome as hell! 😁?
2 years ago·Reply
My body and heart are ready for this
2 years ago·Reply
I already hear the fangirls screaming cx
2 years ago·Reply