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Deadly crossing
In 2012, sheriff's deputies in Brooks County found 129 bodies, around double the amount from the year before and six times the number recorded in 2010. Most of those who die succumb to the punishing heat and rough terrain that comprise the ranch lands of south Texas. Reuters photographer, Eric Thayer, traveled to Brooks County, Texas and Reynosa, Mexico to investigate the rising rates of immigrant deaths along the border there, spending time at a migrant's hostel in Mexico and with U.S. Border Patrol in Brooks County. Many migrants, after spending several weeks traveling through Mexico and past the Rio Grande, spend a few days in a "stash house," such as Casa del Migrante, in Reynosa, Mexico, and many are ignorant of the treacherous journey ahead.
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Ah, having lived in Texas for a long time, everyone learns of this. There are those who are trying to get into the U.S., but there are a large number of deaths from "wolves" and drug cartels.
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I also watched a documenraty about this, and actually in national geographic did have a journal about this as well. So sad for those people those. It did remind me about the boat people in the 70's in Vietnam
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@Tapsamai Yes, indeed. It really is. I remember in school we watched a few documentaries in my Government class.
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