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so I come gone from school and am greeted with this....
wat. the. frick. my UB has decided to show off his magnificent chocolate abs again.....
no. no. no. stop. you're hurting me. too much. neoya. your love. igeon overdose.
and then I die from cuteness overload. I am now so done with everything.
these photos are not mine(sadly). credits to the owners of these photos.
I still can't believe he's built like that. God is good lmao
he has more chocolate than the Hershey bar
My nephews didn't believe it was him, until I told them it was really him. Then one of my nephews said "So, it's a baby with abs?" I cracked up laughed when he said that 馃槀馃槀馃槀
his face adorable like a baby and his body as sinful as can be
I can't get over that Kyungsoo wore a penguin and Chen was a dinosaur. So fitting
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