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Hey guys, back with more fantasy baseball updates to help everyone prepare for their upcoming drafts!
The Houston Astros burst on the scene in 2015, making their first playoff appearance in over a decade. One of the big reasons the team has been able to make a turnaround is improved team hitting, led by Jose Altuve.
While many people don't know about this incredible 2nd baseman, I believe he will become a household name in 2016.
In 2015, Jose posted a stellar statline of 313 AVG, 15 HR, 66 RBI and 38 stolen bases.
That may be one of the most complete stat-lines in baseball. At the moment, ESPN has him ranked as the 6th overall player. As crazy as it may sound, that may be too low.
For starters, he scored a solid 86 runs last year, Houston is getting better and he hits at a solid part in the lineup. That number should go up. He also had a 353 on base percentage, if he continues to improve his avg, that number will go up too.
Altuve is only 25. His room for growth is incredible. Personally, outside of Trout and Harper, there is no other hitter I would take over Altuve on my fantasy team. His value at a thin position in 2nd base make him a push candidate for the #1 pick in certain leagues as well.
Is Jose Altuve the best player in fantasy baseball?
Solid player for sure.
I agree!! I think his position at second base puts him as one of the most wanted players in the league!