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Hey guys, back with more fantasy baseball news to help everyone prepare for their upcoming drafts!
The Baltimore Orioles have become a better team over the past 3-4 years. While their pitching has been questionable, the coaching and hitting have been spectacular. One of the stars of the team is slugger Chris Davis.
Right now, Davis is one of the best home run hitters in the MLB, but does that talent alone enough to make him an elite fantasy player?
In 2015, Chris Davis hit a 262 avg, with 47 HR and 117 RBI.
While those are MONSTER stats, he only added 2 stolen bases. He also struck out 208 times. That's a lot of whiffs.
Now, most people will take that if the return is 47 homeruns. Right now, ESPN has him ranked at 21. He's 30. Will he become much better? I'm not sure. I'm not saying he will completely fall off the map, but I'm not sure if he's belting 50 homers for the next three years either.
I think for Davis to maintain his value this year, his avg will need to creep up a bit more as well.
Do you have to have a lot of power to build a championship team in fantasy? I say no. Does it help? Of course, but I think you can build a solid team without reaching for a guy like Stanton or Davis, because odds are you won't be able to find players to complement them in later rounds.

Is power overrated in fantasy baseball? If not, is Chris Davis an elite player?

He needs to jack up his batting average to become an elite player in fantasy baseball
Ahh....I don't know man. His avg is too low and he strikes out too much. Maybe if he was part of a complete baseball team, then his power could add to getting more wins...but not for fantasy baseball.