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Hey guys! Back with more fantasy baseball news to help everyone prepare for their drafts!
The catcher position is one of the most forgotten and underappreciated positions in fantasy baseball.
One of the players that has started to force GMs to start paying attention to the position is Buster Posey. Over the past two years, he has developed into the face of the position in the MLB.
In 2015, Posey posted a solid statline of 319 AVG, with 19 homeruns and 95 homeruns.
At that position, we haven't seen production like that outside of Joe Mauer in the past five years or so. Posey also posts a spectacular on-base % of 379, which means he's grabbing a nice amount of walks as well.
In most leagues, he is also eligible at first base, which is the position he will probably transition to the in the next two years to extend his career. With him hitting in the heart of the order for San Fran, he will continue to put up strong numbers.
Right now ESPN has him ranked at 37. I think that number could be a bit higher, depending on how you build your team. Not too many good catchers, and I always think you should fill spots with little position depth first.

Is Buster Posey the best catcher in baseball? If so , is he worth reaching for in drafts?

I mean isn't it kind of obvious? :)
Damm right. I would've taken him in the first round after Trout or Harper...but he probably would be gone by then