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“The One Who has Forgiven My Entirety” by Lumina H. The One who has forgiven my entirety How could I ever forsake Thee? I wanted the world to be only mine So that I could feel superior, and be the finest of the fine. I am filled with greed, lust, envy and hatred I am nothing but the Devil’s Child in my very essence. But Thee, The One, How could you ever have chosen me? To be your most intimate friend, when black and midnight is all I can be? You know that I feel strong rushes, flaming urges to end my own life You know that I am incapable of trust, love, care and my core is strife You know that I don’t love you, I neglect our relationship You know that I treat you as cold as frosty winter, that your heart, I rip. But Thee, The One, How could you say you forgive me? To be your heavenly child, when I crave poisonous chocolates and drugs over Thee? You know that I manipulate, lie and cheat to satisfy my thirst You know that I am hungry for more of everything, because I want to be first You know that I hate you, I curse you, I despise you, I left you to possess the world You know that I am the world’s most selfish, sinful, I am born to be hurled. But Thee, The One, How could you say you love me? To be your eternal lover, when I betrayed you, from you I always flee. The One, who has loved my entirety How could I ever forget Thee? The One, The One, The One, Oh how I can’t understand Thee You spilt too much of your blood for someone as unchangeable as me. Oh The One, The One, The One I only wish, that a love blooms back wholeheartedly and purely from me to Thee.
omgosh this is beautiful!!! I feel like this often.
Glad to see a fellow christian haha