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I did promise two on Friday! :)
What was that?
“Hey, you.”
What in the heck?
“It’s time to wake up.”
Time to wake up?
The first thing I felt was the mattress underneath me. It was soft, and I was totally sunken into it. Next came my face smashed into the pillow. It was comfortable until my neck started complaining. I groaned and turned onto my side, and then flinched, remembering why I had fallen asleep on my stomach in the first place.
Stupid sunlight.
I squinted and ran a hand through the haystack that had become my hair, head fuzzy and body heavy.
“You awake?”
I turned my gaze to the presence sitting on the edge of my bed. I rubbed my eyes, trying to clear my vision as I blinked at whoever it was.
“…Ilhoon?” I muttered, voice raspy.
He smiled at me. “Afternoon, sunshine,” he said, eyes twinkling. I scowled at him.
And then I beaned him with a pillow.
“The heck do you think you’re doing in my room?!” I shouted, beating him again until he was ducking for cover, yelling.
“I used the spare key!” he shouted over my hits. I thwacked him over the head, knocking him to the floor.
“I gave you that key for emergencies!” Smack. “Not so you could come into my apartment and wake me up on my day off.” Smack. “Besides, what makes you think I want you to see me with ratty hair and in my pajamas, huh?!!”
“I didn’t think you’d be asleep!” he laughed.
“Well you thought wrong!
His hands were over his head and he was cackling. You should be begging for mercy, I growled in my head. I threw the pillow at him and dropped back onto my bed, burying my face into another pillow.
“But I have a surprise for you,” he said with a chuckle. The end of the bed sank as he sat on the edge again. I groaned and shoved my face into the pillow.
“But Ilhoon I’m so tired,” I groaned.
Sleepless nights thanks to work and school had taken their toll. My body begged for a few hours’ rest, and I was sure I had only gotten a few minutes before Ilhoon had so rudely woken me.
“It’ll be worth it, I swear,” he said. He put a hand on my back, and I moaned into the pillow again. He rubbed gentle circles. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”
“Don’t you have practice or something?” I muttered.
“Today’s my day off.”
I blinked and rested my chin on the pillow, staring at the headboard.
A day off?
“Do I have to look cute?” I asked, pouting. He chuckled.
“You look cute everyday,” he said. “Do what you want.” He kissed the back of my head. “I’ll wait in the living room.”
I laid there for too long after he left. I sighed and rolled onto my back.
I hope he’s ready to wait.
I took my time in the shower, singing to my heart’s content, and even blurting out some of BTOB’s songs (and purposely screwing up some of Ilhoon’s raps). I could have sworn I heard Ilhoon laughing from the other side of the door.
Getting dressed was my biggest problem. I stared at my closet. It was full, but I had nothing to wear.
You look cute everyday.
Do what you want.
If he had a surprise, that meant we’d be going out in public. He doesn’t drive, so I wouldn’t have the comfort and privacy of a car. We’d be walking.
That means wear comfortable shoes.
Plus, it was sunny outside. Probably hot.
That means wear something cool.
Ilhoon probably wouldn’t be too happy with me wearing something completely revealing.
So wear something cute.
I chewed the inside of my cheek and let out a long sigh.
I could wear that.
I snatched a yellow dress that had been neglected for far too long. I remembered buying it with a few friends because oh my gosh it’s so cute! You’d totally wear it everywhere!
Ah yes, but I wore it nowhere.
I grabbed a white shrug and tied it around the front, twirling this way and that in my full body mirror, watching the dress twist with my movements. I smiled, set my hands on my hips, and slipped on a pair of white sandals.
Screw makeup.
With a sigh, I ran my fingers through my hair and stepped out into the living room.
“…thanks,” Ilhoon muttered into his phone. He sat on the couch, hunched over, hand over his mouth as if he were trying to hide what he was saying. I crossed my arms, leaning on my right foot as I watched him. “Be there in a moment.” He quickly hung up and shot to his feet.
His eyes nearly popped out of his head, and I swore I saw his breath catch in his throat. Frozen like a statue, he swallowed, Adam’s apple bouncing. I smirked.
“Be there in a moment?” I asked, walking over to him. I took his hand in mine, and he swallowed again.
“Ah—uhm…” He cleared his throat and straightened. He blinked, as if trying to knock some sense into himself. “You’ll see.”
He dragged me out the door and to the sidewalk. We started walking, fingers intertwined. I looked at him.
“So where are we going?” I asked.
“I told you it was a surprise,” he said, smiling.
“And since when do you have time to plan surprises?” I asked.
“Since always. Now quiet.” He pecked my cheek and I rolled my eyes.
“Alright then.”
We walked in silence for a while. He continued to have this stupid grin on his face like he knew something I didn’t (and he did) and I wanted to wipe that smile off his face.
With my lips.
But I don’t think he’d appreciate the random kiss. Besides, he’d probably just smile wider.
Without warning, he tugged me to a crosswalk, and we were almost running. I almost had to remind him that I was in a dress and that running in a dress was an inherently bad idea.
But he slowed his gait, and soon we were walking along a park’s sidewalk. I looked at him.
“Spending the day at the playground?” I asked. He laughed, nose scrunching. My stomach fluttered.
“No, no!” he said through giggles. “Better than that.”
“Better than a swingset?! I find that hard to believe, Ilhoon.”
He laughed even harder, putting a hand over his stomach. I smiled, watching his nose scrunch again, eyes turning up. My stomach turned again. You’re so cute. Ugh.
“Oh!” he said, suddenly stopping his laughing fit. He smiled and looked at me. “This way!”
He tugged me through the grass, almost running again. I smiled, watching him the entire way.
We came to a halt and he stood in front of me, blocking me from something. I frowned.
“Turn around,” he said. I folded my arms. He rolled his eyes, placed his hands on my shoulders, and whirled me around.
He started pulling me back gently. I tried to not stumble, but I’m pretty sure not getting a few nights’ sleep did something to your balance.
Before I could fall on him, Ilhoon came to a halt.
“Aaaaaand, a-one, and a-two, and a-three—”
He spun me around so he was behind me. I blinked, waiting for the dizziness to go away, and finally focused on what he was aiming at me.
A feast was spread out on a blanket, just under the shade of a tree. There was soda, water, some fruit, sandwiches, and a couple of bowls with plastic wrap over the top. I stared at Ilhoon.
“Surprise!” he chimed, smiling. “We’re having a picnic date!”
He sat me down on the blanket, and he sat across from me. He immediately started handing me things. I giggled at his sudden politeness.
“What?” he asked, staring wide-eyed at me.
“You’re just being cute. That’s all,” I said, smiling at him. His face reddened.
“So did you prepare all this yourself?” I asked. He nodded.
“Every last bit!” he chimed.
“Really? I never knew you cooked.”
“I’ve gotten better.” He smiled widely, and I smiled back.
We dug into the food, starting with sandwiches and occasionally munching on the fruit. He told me about promotions and practice, about some arguments in the practice room and something stupid he and Sungjae did afterwards. He told me about (yet another) one of BTOB’s soccer matches and how he can never seem to win at them.
As he spoke, I unwrapped one of the bowls, a familiar smell wafting over my senses. I looked down at it, and lifted a spoonful to my mouth.
Wait a second.
“Speaking of BTOB,” I said after swallowing the spoonful. “You’re sure you prepared all this yourself?”
“Well yeah.” He blinked innocently. “What does that have to do with BTOB?”
“Well because this is Eunkwang’s egg soup.”
Ilhoon froze.
“Last time I checked, you had no idea how to make that.”
I narrowed my eyes at him, and I could see the gears whirring behind his innocently guilty eyes.
“Il. Hoon.”
“Okay, well I—”
“You totally lied!” I grumbled, pretending to be mad. The color drained from his face.
“Well, I mean I—” He fumbled for words, rubbing the back of his neck. “You see, I just…I couldn’t…I mean I could but I mean I…”
I burst out laughing, holding the bowl so I wouldn’t spill soup all over myself. I giggled at him. “Your face!” I squeaked. A smile slowly formed across his features.
“That wasn’t funny!” he snapped, even though he was grinning. He threw a napkin at me, and I threw the balled-up plastic wrap at him.
“It was hilarious!” I grinned. “That’s what you get for breaking into my apartment.”
“I didn’t break in.” He took a playfully angry bite out of a sandwich.
“Well, you came in uninvited,” I said.
“Well, shut up,” he laughed. I laughed back.
He stood up and came over to sit beside me. He set his chin on my shoulder, and I kissed his temple.
“You’re always so cuddly when we’re alone,” I said, taking another spoonful of Eunkwang’s soup.
“That’s because you’re fun to cuddle,” he said, placing a chaste kiss on my neck. I giggled.
“Do you cuddle with Sungjae?” I asked, knowing exactly which button this would push.
Ilhoon bolted upright. “W-What?!”
“I read the fan accounts!” I said, slurping some of the soup and putting it down on the blanket.
“Those are fan accounts!” His eyes nearly popped into his lap. “I mean you know I just—”
I started laughing again. He lowered his head.
“You’re just full of accusations today, aren’t you?”
“All the more to fluster you with, my dear,” I said, leaning over and cupping his cheek in one hand, turning his face to mine. I tilted my head and laid a gentle kiss on his lips.
When I pulled away, he was eying me. He licked his lips and smiled.
“I don’t think making out in the park would be appropriate,” I said softly, biting my lip. “There are children nearby.”
Ilhoon busted out into laughter. He grabbed my bowl and shoved a spoonful of soup into my mouth.
“Quiet, you,” he said, grinning. “It’s time to eat.” He pecked my forehead. I swallowed the soup and smiled at him.
I guess being dragged out of bed wasn’t so bad, was it?