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“I Decided to Close My Eyes” by Lumina H. I decided to close my eyes when you enter my sight I decided to block my ears when your voice tags at my ears I decided to shut my mouth when you call my name I decided to paralyze my hands when you text me I decided, I decided, I decided… But… When you are I are in the same space My eyes find you, as if you were a red ruby in a pool of sapphires They never fail to catch your every tone, pitch and word. When you and I are in the same space My mouth opens automatically, as if they weren’t connected to my brain They never fail to answer your every question, your every sentence. When you and I are not in the same space My fingers always linger on my phone screen, stalking all your online posts They never fail to reply to all your texts, all your calls. I am a failure to all my decisions Because no matter how much I decide It all becomes useless, if I decide something about you.