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Hello community! Welcome to that random day of the week where SeoInHan decides to post a drawing at random because she doesn't have a regular posting schedule for anything! Sorry for the strange lighting its like 1 A.M and I had to use extreme measures to get rid of the shadow my phone cast over the drawing. First post for this community btw! So I have to admit that I forgot how much of a permanent bed haired boy he is and I just freaked out over drawing him in general. As mentioned before in my Speed of Sound Sonic drawing; this drawing was requested by @Danse -san ages ago. Hopefully you like it. I'll even leave you with another drawing I did soon after (that I wasn't even planning on posting).
I used my SB brush for this and oh my god it was so difficult, but fun. For those of you who don't know: it's almost like drawing with an eye liner.
@SeoInHan Do whatever you want. But I already took this one since even without it's fine. 😏😤
@Danse oh god no, if that's the case let me repost it tomorrow with natural sunlight since this lighting is horrendous. 😱
Soooooo happy. 💖😄 You did great! And you signed it, so I can print it out and add it to my fanart wall collection. Thank you!