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As always, the internet exposed me to something odd and rare today.
Sadly, we are bombarded with Donald Trump everywhere we turn due to the momentum his presidential campaign has gained over the past couple months. The more he seems to disrespect immigrants, the more he rises in the polls.. but that's another topic for another day.
While his "popularity" is something that I didn't know existed, he has always been a man of great pride. So much self-pride, that he created a board game of HIMSELF called the Trump game in 1989.
My fellow Vinglers, do any of you own or have played this game? If so, was it enjoyable? What was the end goal?
This guy Trump has no shame... anything for a dollar huh?
I just had about enough with this guy and I'm not even American! Trump is ubiquitous on news and social media, just like the Kardashians, but less appealing to the eyes. Can we just tie him to a rocket and send him off to space or something?
Obama has a board game. It's called "Sorry"
world war3 soon to come
let it burn and never speak of this again (-_-馃挗)
No seriously, why was this a thing?!
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