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Of course I watched the uncensored version. But overall I thought this was a sexy fun thrilling anime!! Although I was wanting a finishing ending but I was still pleased It is rated 6.46 on IMAL I gave it a 7 due to the enjoyment and sexy fun as stated before. It's basically about a group who are crime assassins and are all special. They have been brought back to life some through a specialized drug that has been sealed away due to its danger to the human race. Due to this drug some were given super strength or were brought back from the dead using other people's body parts and even heart. It's an overall solid storyline and gives a good depth to most characters and is enjoyable to watch, so I thought. It is an r-17+ rated anime due to nudity of course but that was somewhat part of the enjoyment but mostly the action and precision of all the characters and their unique skills and fast paced ethics to work together to complete the missions. I'd suggest it a definite watch but again be age aware due to the nudity, a lot of sexy women in the anime! Anime is life!!
Haha, @tylor619cruz it is a fun and intense anime NAKAMA so the women just add more lust to the action!!
I'll give it a try for the women 😳🙄 lol
what anime site did u watch it on?
@pervysagex haha glad to hear it NAKAMA!! Def has enough of that!!
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