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So I was just looking at random stuff online and I came across this discussion about Ecchi. The topic was on male fan service and Ecchi that involved males not females. The person asked "why is there a limited amount of male fan service for its female n gay audiences? Why is it always females getting the nudity or semi nudity treatment?" The person went as far to ask if anyone could recommend any male Ecchi anime or manga. Many had their own opinions on the subject n from what I read no one could provide an anime that would qualify as "male Ecchi". So I'd figure I would bring the discussion here. I'm curious what's everyone thinks.
Why do you think there is more of this? Examples being High school DxD, High school of the dead, B gata H kei, cat planet cuties as Ecchi.Female fan service ALMOST EVERY ANIME!
And why there's less if non existent of this?? Examples of male Ecchi I don't know any but example male fan service would be Fairy tail.. Could you think of any anime that could be considered a male Ecchi??
-fabulously adjusts glasses- The muscles are just apart of it... If they make an anime and/or manga having fan service like Free with an addition of blurry dick shots, lustful moments similar to Diabolikal Lovers, and enhanced crotch movement would satisfy the female/ gay audience to an extent. -nods- I believe that could work..... just need some what of a plot ...( ̄ヮ ̄) Doubt it will happen though. -sniffles-
Free is defined as Fan Service Not Ecchi
because.. - - | - | - | - | | - | | - | | _ _|____________|______ male. female perverts. perverts
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