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sooo I've been tagged a few times in this shipping challenge and I thought thought i should try it maybe. I'm very curious to see who is get. a bit about me....
I'm 25 years old but I don't feel that old. I'm mixed! (Puerto rican, honduran, black, and Italian to be exact) I have 2 little sisters. I listen to all kinds of music, except for country but it's mainly just kpop. I am 5'3" and I know I'm short lol. I'm pretty quiet until you get to I now me....then I'm just kind of weird. I don't wear a lot of makeup but when I do I go all out on my eyes since those are my favorite feature about me. I love to write and recently started getting back to fanfics. I was engaged once but it didn't last.
my bias group is bts. they weren't my first kpop group but I just adore them!!
some of my biases include Wonho from monsta x, jackson got7, Jin from bts, rapmon, taecyeon from 2pm, Jay park, and loco
jin is my ultimate bias!!!! with several wreckers listed above trying to take his spot daily
I love all animals. but my dog is my baby. her name is reese and she's spoiled
I love to cook and bake! so now that you know a bit about me who would you ship me with?
@BabySheep haha aww thanks
I can even see him getting jealous over your dog haha ok I'm done now
Jin lol especially if you spoil him like your dog and cook for him. So cute XD