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-My name is Maggie. -I live in Texas -I love listening to kpop! -I'm almost 19 -I'm almost done with high school -I have been told I'm hilarious! -I was born in 1997, year of the ox -I'm an awkward ram, or goat -I'm good at mathematics -I like watching the Science Channel -I have a passion for chemicals -I love shopping! -My favorite color is pink, purple, blue, and green.
-I'm single and proud! -I have an older sister by two years. -I was diagnosed with a brain disability at age 3 which impairs my speech and learning abilities, but that doesn't stop me from living my life the way I want! -My dad is a pilot for American Airlines -My favorite food is Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and Korean. -I love ice cream! -I hate spicy food! -I hate mornings! -I love the nighttime! -I don't like wearing makeup! -I hate hygiene! -I'm very organized. -I work hard and get things done immediately. -I'm a Girl Scout! -I also enjoy other types of music including pop, r&b, rock, classical and country. -I love thrill rides -I love comedy movies and tv shows -I like horror books and movies -I hate drama! It pisses me off and it confuses me! -I'm very polite and kind to others -I easily get stressed out.
-I like to travel. (Domestically only, I don't have a passport!) -I'm learning how to speak Spanish. It's my second year of learning, I plan to keep learning for six years until I'm fluent. -I love to sing in my car! I'm pretty good at it if you know what I mean, jelly bean! -I'm an ELF! (Super Junior fan, for those who don't know, elf means everlasting friend) -Politics drive me bonkers! Don't even get me started on trump! -I'm currently saving up for a Got7 concert in a few months!
-I love to dance! -My favorite kpop boy group is Super Junior (like I mentioned above) -My favorite kpop girl group is Girls' Generation -My ultimate bias is Leeteuk -I also like SHINee, f(x), infinite, EXO, ukiss, Got7, seventeen, VIXX, sistar, miss a, 4minuite, 2AM, 2PM, bts, Big Bang, and 2NE1. -My biggest inspiration is Taeyeon AND... -I've been on Vingle for at least 4 months now. I saw it in Facebook. When I first saw that it was for fan girls like me around my area and around the nation, I knew I had to join! So, who do you ship me with? @AimeeH @AmberRelynn @annabelleimiri @AubriePope @baekyeol27 @CeilidhHoadley @ChelseaAustin @ChelseaGarcia @CurrySoop @HaruBaozi @Helixx @IMhgkk @JennieThor @JohnEvans @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @Kpopislife16 @KwonOfAKind @micahsaysnihao @MrsJungHoseok @MYNAMEKYong @N04h5N4p0h4ku @PolarStarr @poojas @SabrinaSakura @Sammie99522 @solodaywithB1A4 @stephanietaylor @StephersTaylor @Stephanie123 @superjuniorelf @susibosshammer @twistedpuppy @VixenViVi
Rap Monster or Ravi!