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We all know about Walmart with the fails that go on inside the store. I remember when I was in Walmart and this old guy that comes in there frequently was following the employees while skipping. After more than a few skipping incidences, the employees ended up calling the police on him. Yup, that had happen.... He was a nut job.
Clothing always seems to be a major problem at Walmart. This is usually one of the biggest fails at the store.
Ever get a cake from Walmart? Yup, they fail in that department too..
The displays are always messed up some how. I remember I ended up getting a 30 dollar bag of Jasmine rice for under 4 dollars! Signage is not strong with them..
Customer and children, never mix! Talk about bad parenting!
Walmart does prepare for dumb customers.. Check this out..
Talking about dumb customers.. They make the news too! Sometimes talk shows smh lol
Meanwhile, people are having a hell of the time!
aw man the cake!! Once a friend and I needed a cake that said 'happy birthday jesus' (for some art) and the guy spelled Jesus wrong XD
LOL THE LADY DRAGGING THE BABY. Oh man, if parenting gets me that pressed, I don't know how I feel about having kids.