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Kang To was falsely accused of being Gaksital and was arrested by his superior Kenji. His brother Kang San didnt know that Kang To was arrested so he asked Shunji to find Kang To. Shunji dropped by Jongno Police Office and helped Kang To to escape. Shunji's father, Kimura, is the Police Chief and he reported Kang To's escape and he ordered his men "As soon as you find Kang To, Kill Him." Kang To's family prepared the ancestral rites for Kang To's father and a man suddenly jumped from the roof into their house and paid respects to Kang To's father. 각시탈이란 누명을 쓴 강토는 그의 상사인 켄지에 의해 전격 체포되고 ... 동생 이강토가 밤새 유치장에 감금된 사실을 모르는 형, 강산은 슌지에게 강토를 찾아 달라 부탁한다. 종로서에 들른 슌지는 강토의 탈출을 돕게 되는데..... 강토의 탈출보고를 받은 슌지의 아버지 기무라 서장은 발견즉시 사살하라는 명령을 내려버린다. 한편, 아버지 이선의 제사를 준비 중인 강토의 집에 지붕을 타고 날아온 한 남자가 남몰래 제상에 술잔을 올리고는 홀연히 사라지는데.....
It seems to be getting much more interesting than EP1. Thanks Luka!
Episode 4 was awesome. I cant wait till Kangto becomes Gaksital... I wonder how the story will unravel!
I wish there were live video feeds on vingle. That'd be so cool.
@KoreanPrincess I knowww if we could watch LIVE that would be awesome :) but we can upload Youtube videos though! I do that all the time for the kdrama previews and my favourite songs grin