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Jung Joon Young X @MadAndrea I totally ship it. Click on the link for some other interesting basic facts about Jung Joon Young. 28 years old. 6'0 tall Rocker Thin and fit physique Plays guitar, piano, and bass Here are some extra things I have come to realize about him: (My personal observations) He's an incredibly hard worker. He doesn't like to be put into a mold. He tells it like it is. No BS. No sugar coat. He has a very good and unique sense of humor. His laugh is freaking adorable. He doesn't let "variety" tv make him something he's not. He gives zero fxxks. He experienced a ton of outdoorsy stuff on 1N2D. He was on Weekly Idol and, again, zero fxxks were given. He has been in dramas and a movie. He is a DJ/Host for Shim Shim Ta Pa. He's a smoker. ... His voice is deep velvet, sex, and honey. He is incredibly intelligent, but plays humble and jokes about it. Sometimes he knows EXACTLY how smart he is, and tries to get others to see his perspective. He knows he's sexy, and knows he doesn't have to try. But when he does try, he knows EXACTLY what he's doing, and he enjoys it too much. He's more athletic than he admits, and is competitive. He doesn't give up. He doesn't like to look weak, and will tough just about anything out. He's not shy, nor does he get embarrassed easily. He just chooses his "battles" wisely. He believes that tv dramas ruin women's expectations of men. He is a calculative person. His wheels are always turning. He is deeper than most give him credit for. He's wise beyond his years he just hides it behind his goofball nature. He's independent and has learned to take care of himself from an early age. (In essence, his dad was a missionary and that didn't allow JJY to pursue his dream. So he ran away as a teen back to Korea. Parents said stay there without support or come back. He chose to stay, worked 2 and 3 jobs at a time, while preparing to compete in superstar K. The rest is history) He isn't the most organized person... He has very mischievous 4-D personality. Conversations with him are never boring. He never misses opportunities to say his piece or get his point across. He's good at just about anything he does, and he knows it. He's one of the most "real" men in K Entertainment. He was on WGM. He gave no fxxks... he didn't comform. He made her slip out of her comfort zone and made her laugh. He has tatoos. He likes to be comfortable more than fashionable. He doesn't like oblivious or thoughtless girls. He likes to drink. He's a naughty drunk. He has a bit of a potty mouth. He can get serious and grounded when necessary. People think he's weird but I think he's got such a quick and creative wit that they can't keep up and their simple minds get lost in his thought patterns. Why do I think you go well together? I think you would be the Yin to his Yang and visa versa. I can actually see you and him making something work out of an impossible relationship. I think he'd turn his head in your direction, and want to have drinks with you, but end up wanting to get to know you more. After having conversations with you, laughing and joking with you, and feeling your warmth and sincerity, I think he'd show you a side that not everyone gets to see. And what a beautiful day that would be... in another life ;)
Here are some video clips to show some of his charms and personality and some of the things I mentioned. Just watch and think of how the two of you would hit it off pretty well. (the videos are older to newer.) Hope you enjoyed! Hey, maybe even turned you into a fan if you weren't already. (search his weekly idol appearances to see him not take Doni's and Koni's crap. Search his mv OMG for "the Hangover" style entertainment ) Tell me what you think, and maybe make a card for me too! Who would you ship me with?
so glad! in a way I did become a matchmaker. awww I'm so proud. lol @MadAndrea
@MandyNoona Visual kei is definitely it's own thing. And you are right this is the best of both! I love you!!!! Thank you! He will be played non stop for days now lol
@MadAndrea im not sure if it's him playing the guitar. I know he CAN, but not sure he did for that piece. about the jrock... yes! The Visual Kei style to jrock was kinda odd to me, so just listened not watched. but I love watching korean bc most are cleaned up and high class looking. so I get the best of both worlds with this one kkkkk. shameless praise of Jung Joon Young ... I regret nothing.
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