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I can tell how much you all love me and care for me... it amazing. But i got to say one thing for you all.... just please dont take it to the wrong side. I am taking care myself. I have someone here beside who keeps me company. You all also keep my spirit soo positive every minute.

But it wont stop me of making my cards or my stories.

I enjoy doing my cards and especially my stories. I love to type/write. I may have cancer but wont stop me from being myself. But of course, if i dont feel good i rest. I really smile at your naggings. But seriously im fine. If you see me posting, it means i am feeling good. If i don't post, then i dont feel good. Most of the time, i have a cousin beside me. She will be sometimes commenting for me if i dont feel like typing. (cuz of my nervouse system, my hands sometimes shakes) Please everyone, i know you all get worried. But i will say this again. I wont let cancer put me down, or get me all depressed. (actually it pisses me off)

If i post : Means i am feeling good If i DONT post: Means i am NOT feeling good.

REMEMBER: I may be sick, but i still got my tricks xD

So no more nagging!!! xD

You guys.... i love you all. Your definitely a family to me.

I kind a like the nagging, no one dont nag on me besides my sister and the squad and now you all beautiful people. Also thank you all for the support.. Waking up, and going to sleep I see your cards, and sometimes you guys tag me into different things which also makes me smiles. i just love it!!!!!!!!!


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u tell um girl
2 years ago·Reply
@BBxGD sorry! I'm pretty sure I nagged a couple of times plus I'm just seeing this.. won't do it again. girl scout promise 😀
a year ago·Reply
thats a girl u fight. do what u love.
a year ago·Reply
I love you to BB!
a year ago·Reply
sorry if I nagged to much hun I have a special needs daughter so if comes naturally lol but seriously my heart goes out to you because I know how it feels from both sides. we nagged because we love you and don't want to miss a moment of your smile. plus once family always family 🙆🙆🙆😝😋 you cant get rid of us even if you tried lol😝😜😋
a year ago·Reply