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For this K-star Saturday I'd Like to Dedicate this card to Kim NamJoon.
This Man does not get enough Appreciation for all that he does.
the Reason I wanted to make this card today is because I was watching a live BTS performance the other day on Youtube. and while scrolling through the comments
I happen to come across a Comment that Really Bothered me. well, first there was this this girl who commented "I LOVE RAP MONSTER! is there anybody else who is Rapmon Biased?" and then someone else replied to her Bullying her for Liking him, saying that he was Ugly, and saying "who would fangirl over HIM?!" Here's my answer to that question, ME! I fangirl over him, that's why he's in my Top 5 bias list. I wanted to defend that girl who got bullied, But I don't have a Youtube account, so to Whoever you are out there. I have a Message for you, You are Not alone.

Facts about RapMon:

his Real name: Kim NamJoon. No, Rap Monster is not the name his parents gave him.
Birthday: September 12, 1994
Height: 5'11
-He used to be known as "Runcha Randa" his Character in Video game Maple Story Doubled as a stage name when he performed as an underground rapper Pre-Debut. He even released a few tracks including collaborations with Block B's Zico.
-He has a younger sister the same age as Jungkook, but when asked if he would introduce her to him, he said N.O.
-He destroys everything he touches. Sunglasses, Clothes, Doorknobs, Bunk bed ladders. you name it. hence, his members call him "God of Destruction".
-He was the first member to join BTS and hence the first to enter the Residence/dorm.
-He's Really Smart with an IQ of 148.he was previously ranked in the top 1% of the nation in his high school exams.
-He's Really Good at English. self taught too.
-He has studied before in New Zealand.
-He likes to imitate his members.
-He snores.
-In year 5, he dreamed about becoming an apartment complex security Guard. Guess that explains his outfit for Dope.
-He released a solo mixtape 'RM' with some pretty cool music videos for tracks 'do you', 'awakening', and 'Joke'. -his nickname was 'dance Prodigy' but actually he was so bad at dancing, his teacher and company staff called him that. maybe he could dance battle with chen, the 'dancing machine' of EXO.
-his favorite dance move is swinging his arms side to side.
-his Favorite color is Black.
-He has composed/Written over 100 songs.
-at 181cm, he's the tallest member of BTS, Towering over his members *Cough Jimin Cough*.
-He once said that if he ever had a Non-Idol girlfriend, he'd want to write a song for her apologizing for being an idol since his schedule is always so busy.
- the superpower he wants is Invisibility.

RapMon Quotes:

"Jimin, You Got No Jams"
"team work makes dream work"
"why isn't there a word that's the opposite of lonliness, could it be because people don't know they're lonely until they die?"
"Look up, and we're all looking at the same sky".
"I can eat any kind of beat like a monster."
" kill them with success and bury them with a smile."
"after all, everybody has lost at least one love."
" when you get to eat Ramen after feeling really, Really hungry, That's Happiness."
Tagging Namjoon fans out there, sorry if I missed anybody.
I love this card. I just found more reasons to love my monster
ARE YOU KIDDING?!? Namjoon is freaking adorable! His dimples are amazing and his smile is beautiful! Not once have I ever called or thought of him as ugly! All the members of BTS are beautiful in their own way, it's why I'm a BTS hoe, constantly switching biases. I hate that I have to find an order for them but everytime I find a new bias, one of the members climbs their way up the list and gets into the wrong lane.
Thanks for making this card! & yes I have to say, RAP MONSTER all the way! ❤️❤️
Rapmon is amazingly talented and adorable and is always coming after my feels (serious bias wrecker (T▽T))
I love his raps and his dimples will be the death of me one day
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