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Chanyeol arrived at the cafe an hour early. Jittery and Anxiety filled as he sat waiting for her to arrive. He sat at their favorite table, the one by the Window. She loved the night life pass by her at rapid speeds on the other side of the glass. She adored the motions, while Chanyeol sat on the other side of the table admiring every feature of her. He adored the way her eyes would disappear when she smiled. The way her face would light up if she saw a puppy walk past and immediately start talking about how she wanted to have two dogs and two children.
But in simple meanings, She watched the world go past her and Chanyeol watched his world sit in front of him.
Getting lost in his past memories and events, it had just turned 8 pm. Not knowing whether she'd show or or not. He tried to distract himself by playing games on his phone. It didn't work. So he decided to call Baekhyun. They exchanged the simple conversation, "hey, how are you doing? Is the she there yet?" And Chanyeol replied with a straight away with the answer "no." The call didn't carry on long though, but once he had gotten off of the phone, it left him alone with his thoughts once again.
His mind brought him back to when they first came to Tokyo with her. Their plane landed at around 3 AM, which was early by a few hours. Because Chanyeol had no schedule for about 7 hours, they got to their hotel and went out in search for a café. Being with her for as long as he was, he learnt that cafés were her "thing". She loved the warm environments of cafés, the aroma of coffee and the low mummers of people talking to their friends. Because of the time, it wasn't as easy to find a café. It began to rain, making the trip a little bit more tiring for him, but he was willing to go to a while longer. But after walking around in the rain for an hour Chanyeol was ready to go back to the hotel. But she was far from ready to go back. She began to search up places on her phone and that's how they found the "Aoyama Flower Market Tea House".
Since that day anytime they went to japan, that was always the first stop. It became a tradition so to speak. They went there so often during their time there, the workers began to know them personally. What kind of drink they wanted, where they would sit, etc. This little café holds a lot of sentimental value for Chanyeol and it was scary that all the memories he shared with her could end up crashing and burning if she doesn't show up today.
Chanyeol was out of it for so long, he didn't realize that It had began to rain and the nightlife was becoming very dim. The time now was 9pm and With waiting for three hours in one spot, sleep started to wash over him. Chanyeol hadn't slept the night before due to his serve anxiety. He didn't know how the day would go. He didn't know if she'd actually show. But he hoped in the heaven and the stars that she'd come. He had so much to say to her and so much to hear. But now he found himself becoming sleepy with the help from the rain hitting the window, his eyelids became heavy and within minutes he was out like a light.
For a nap that felt like minutes to Chanyeol (that In fact lasted two hours) came to an end when he was awakened by a several taps on the shoulder. Not by the person he was waiting for, but by the pretty waitress that served him when he first came in.
"Sir. We're closing. I'm sorry she didn't turn up. She said if you stayed here the entire night I was meant you this envelope.” The waitress handed Chanyeol a black envelope with the words "Dear Chanyeol" written on it in gold script and walked away. It took a few seconds for Chanyeol to realize what was happening and he just starred at the envelope dreading what the contents would be. With curiosity and anxiety kicking, he opened the envelope.
If you're reading this, it means you stayed at the cafe till close. Honestly, I'm surprised. If you were lying about not receiving my letters you would have left already right? That was one thing i realized while dating you. If you know you're lying you'll just try and leave and avoid the entire situation. That was one thing I hated. But you had your good traits. You were a fighter. You always fought for what you believed in or what you loved.
But I guess you really didn't get them huh? Now I feel horrible. You're probably thinking that's not the only thing I should feel bad about right? I mean, I had you sit in a cafe all day and wait for me. I'm sorry. But I had to know if this meeting was genuine or if it would have been full of lies.
But now I know and now we have a lot to talk about right?
Could you please come outside? I'm standing on the street next to cafe."
Chanyeol's eyes became wide after reading the last sentence. He grabbed his stuff and ran for the exit. Frantically pacing to the side street his heart started to race and tears began to stream. Whether it was genuine anger or sadness, he wiped them away was haste and made the turn onto the corner street...
And there she was.
Standing under a dim lit street post with her back to him. He could tell it was her by her silhouette. The way she stood with a slight lean, starring at the ground. But Chanyeol couldn't move. Seeing her immediately struck pain in his heart and he was frozen. The rain covered him and hid his tears. He couldn't help but think
"Am I actually prepared to see her?"
"Will meeting up with her actually help me or will it make it worse because i know i can't have her"
"Will I be able to actually talk?"
"Is there any point in me being here?"
His mind became doubtful and the thoughts became stronger. And his decision was made.
He turned round and decided to walk away from the situation. He doesn't deserve to see her. He put her through too much. His tears began to stream but this time he let them continue their path down his wet face.
He was About to turn the corner until he got pulled back by someone clinging to his wrist.
"Chanyeol-Ah. Were you really going to leave without saying goodbye?”
oh my God the feels got to me